Protective Skin Body & Mind Tips for Easter Travel

In the excitement of cramming in the easter eggs ready for that day out/weekend break or long-haul escape, it’s easy to forget lightweight travel essentials that make your trip infinitely better which you can't always find on your travels. Here are a few of our favourites including a magical tooth foam that protects teeth after a mountain of chocolate eggs aboard a train and a suntan cream that protects coral rather than suffocating it!

Skin Body Mind Easter Travel Tips

Mission Sun - Long Haul

Coral Friendly Suntan Cream

If you are off with the kids to an exotically warm destination this Easter with the guarantee of a dip help preserve the coral for another day by using the only organic sunscreen that protects your skin and coral reefs too. Up to 6000 tons of diluted suntan ends up bleaching coral reefs a year! Do your bit to help them last a little longer and pop a tube of EQ EvOA suntan cream available in 30 & 50 SPF. in your carryon.

Beating Jet Lag With Fizz

Banish any feelings of jet lag with a couple of Phzz Rehydration in the morning to boast and rehydrate all cells in the body.

Lemon Tea Mosquito Repellant

If you and your family are dined upon by annoying winged biters when abroad it’s time to try Mrs White’s Unstung Hero that protects not just you but our ecosystem. Not only does is its lemon tea fragrance smell divine, it is DEET & paraben free and lasts 4 hours.

Easter Weekender


If you are off on a city break this Easter to one of Europe’s more southerly cities you can sometimes be taken off guard by a show of sun. We advise popping an ultra-light 'Brush on Block' into your handbag that with a small click can dust a fine layer of translucent 30 spf protective minerals over your exposed skin.


To travel light, we recommend couples taking a Malin + Goetz Travel Essential that is the perfect unisex luxury skin, body and hair travel kit.


Give your liver a little love on the way home and take GPNutrition’s Clean Me sachets and stimulate the immune system.

A Sticky Day Out


To counter train or car teeth that have been munching on chocolate speckled eggs without a good brush we recommend a quick squirt of Splat’s Magic Oral Care Foam.


We love the smell of the citrus smelling organic Citrus Sticky Hand Cleaner by Green People. It keeps hands and faces clean and germ-free without the need for water and unlike mainstream sanitisers it doesn’t use alcohol so won’t strip the moisture out of a child’s delicate skin.


Always take a a tube of Dr.Lipp it has a 101 uses including salve for grazed knees, balm for sore runny noses and bottoms if you don’t fancy lugging a separate bottle of nappy cream.

1 Metre Colouring that Fits in a Toothbrush Size Box

OMY Pocket Games & Colouring Roll contain a 1-metre long roll of riddles and colouring adventures that can be chosen according to whether your children love princes, dragons, superheroes or maps and which will keep little ones entertained on a train or in a restaurant. The handy colouring pencil comes with 8 different tips to help cut down on the load you carry.


A day out with the kids can be more demanding than any high-powered job. Help regain your balance and counter feeling overwhelmed with these easy to carry sachets of GP Nutrition to calm your mind, soothe your body and revitalise you inside out.

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