Fall in love with your mature skin

As we grow older, many of us look in the mirror and see fine lines that maybe weren't there a few years ago and, you know what, that's ok! Let's celebrate each line and learn to properly care for our skin, for it has been front and centre for the many brilliant years I am sure you have all enjoyed in your lives. We asked Susie Willis founder of award-winning skincare brand Romilly Wilde for her top tips when looking after mature skin.

"The unfortunate skin truth, as we age our skin metabolism slows down and we produce less collagen and elastin (the connective tissue that gives our skin its elasticity), which means, looser skin and slower skin repair. As if that wasn’t enough, as the skin metabolism slows, skin can also appear more sluggish and dehydrated, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. But don’t despair, here’s where the solutions appear." Susie Willis
Susie's Top 5 Tips for caring for mature skin:

  • Limit your extrinsic aging – all those all those external forces that accentuate the aging process. You know the insidious hitlist by now: smoking, alcohol, and sun are the destructive trio that wreak the most havoc on our skin, so avoiding or limiting them at all costs is essential.

  • Invest in a non-toxic skincare line that prioritises nutrient-rich ingredients packed full of peptides and antioxidants that promote regeneration of the skin cells. Many collagen creams that promise results sit on the surface of the skin as the molecules are simply too big to penetrate. Instead, the focus should be on using products - such as our RW Supercell Serum - that contain active plant-powered ingredients with smaller molecules that will penetrate more deeply.

  • Increase circulation to the skin: Facial massage is an easy and economical way (as you can do it yourself) to boost oxygen and increase cell turnover, not to mention aid in lymphatic drainage and decongesting the skin.

  • Hydration is key - As we age it is all about hydrating from the inside out. Drink enough water, ensure that your diet is rich in antioxidants, nutrients and omega fatty acids, and incorporate our nutrient rich Active Boost Face Oil in your skincare regime. A great face oil will create a barrier to the outside elements whilst retaining moisture in your skin.

  • Invest in a great Eye Serum - the skin around our eyes is the thinnest on our bodies, so care and attention to this area is tantamount. Our Eye Believe Eye Serum is rich with natural plant stem cells, aiding in boosting cell turnover around the delicate eye area. Another gem of a tip, put our eye serum in the fridge - the cool wand works wonders on puffy eyes!

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