Finding the balance: Q&A with COSMOSS founder, Kate Moss

Introducing the newest addition to THE FIND, COSMOSS.

Crafted with holistic wellness and mindful beauty at its core, COSMOSS boasts a wide variety of products from sensory fragrances to energetic herbal teas. Inspired and created by Kate Moss, and noted Alchemist and Homeopath Victoria Young.

Step into a world of wellness with Alchemy based formulas and products to elevate your daily rituals. We sat down with brand founder, Kate Moss about the importance of these products and what they mean to her. 

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1. As a successful businesswoman, how do you balance the demands of running a company with your personal life and family responsibilities?

Having the right team around you in business and a support network of great friends is the most important thing. They help keep me balanced and remind me to take time for myself.

2. What motivated you to pursue entrepreneurship, and how do you stay inspired amidst the challenges of building and growing a business?

Everything I do comes from a place of passion and truth. I wanted to have more control over my own career and future, working on both COSMOSS and my agency [Kate Moss Agency].

3. Can you share any strategies or routines that help you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

I developed the COSMOSS products for this exact reason. Taking just five minutes out of your day to practice self-love and ground yourself… it’s what we all need. My Sacred Mist is the perfect scent to calm me and take me back to those five minutes earlier in the day whenever I need a reminder.

4. How has being a mother influenced your approach to leadership and decision-making in your business?

I’m constantly learning from Lila and inspired by her confidence.

5. What advice would you give to other women entrepreneurs who are navigating the complexities of juggling career aspirations and family commitments?

Believe in yourself, surround yourself with good people and take time to remind yourself why you started.

6. What are some of the biggest lessons you've learned on your journey as a businesswoman, both personally and professionally?

Trust your instinct. Always.

7. Can you share a moment or experience that has been particularly rewarding or fulfilling in your entrepreneurial journey?

Whenever I see any of the talent from KMA on billboards or magazine covers I have to stop and take a picture… I’m so proud of them all.

8. How did you choose the right person to create your formulations?

I knew I wanted to work with my friend and Homeopath, Victoria Young, when developing the brand. The spirituality of COSMOSS is key to the brand. For the Sacred Mist we worked from the base up… it was a very different way of creating a scent which is what makes it so special.

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9. What role does passion play in driving your entrepreneurial pursuits, and how do you stay connected to your purpose and vision for COSMOSS?

Everything I do has to feel authentic to me. If I don’t have a passion for it, it just won’t work.

10. Finally, if you could offer one piece of advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Learn from people that inspire you and create a team of people that understand you. But ultimately stay true to yourself. That’s the key.

11.Why did you choose THE FIND and what are your favourite products?

I know that THE FIND only work with brands that they truly believe in, which is something that resonated with me. My favourite product changes all the time, but at the moment I would say the COSMOSS Face Cream – it’s so rich and hydrating, it feels indulgent every time I use it.

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