International Women's Day 2019: Ladies Behind The Brands

But why should we celebrate women on one day alone? Women are doing it for themselves each and everyday - including our mighty CEO Caroline!

She had often been told that she had a talent for spotting new and 'different' things. Well, people said talent... Caroline says obsession. Because it's really her deep-seated admiration for passionate, entrepreneurial brands that leads her to spend hours researching, looking for the next exciting discovery, to solve a problem or bring a twinkle to someone's day - particularly to her three children.

After years of the same question - 'Where did you find that...' - she decided it was time to share her findings and THE FIND was born…

Meet the ladies behind a few of our favourite brands...

In 2002 as a young mother, Heather Dorigo, was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, an autoimmune illness which left her with various allergies particularly with regards to her skincare. As her search began for hypoallergenic skin-care products, and after years of struggling, she found a micellar water in France that instantly improved her skin - it was was effective, of clinical grade, contained no nasties and was safe to use on her skin. This was the start of her journey which lead to the development of the 3 SKIN MATRIX HD product.

The powerful micellar water cleansing pads thoroughly clean and prepare the skin ready for your favourite products. SKIN MATRIX HD - is your beauty treatment in a cleansing pad. What’s more, the cotton pads are 100% biodegradable, 78mm in diameter, the industry average is 67mm. Bigger is better! As well as being Alcohol, fragrance, paraben and detergent free.

Fiona Stewart was prescribed acne medication which resulted in extremely sensitive skin and thinning hair. Her dermatologist suggested sleeping on a silk pillowcase. The results were dramatic and immediate and she’s never looked back. She had stumbled upon a long forgotten beauty secret - and slip was born.

Slip™ is recommended by dermatologists, hairstylists and beauty experts. SLIP SILK - includes a range of benefits including anti-ageing, anti-sleep crease, anti-bed head and helps keep skin's moisture. We spend a third of our lives in bed. Slipsilk™ fibers are significantly less absorbent than other fibers such as cotton - so they are less likely to steal your expensive face cream during the night!

In 2011, a specialist advised Mariah to start using organic tampons and pads. This was the first time she’d ever thought about her sanitary choices. She started doing some in-depth research with her good friend, Wendelien, and what they learnt shocked them. They discovered that not only are many tampons and pads made from synthetic materials, containing plastics & perfume, but that there are also no specific rules or legal requirements when it comes to listing ingredients on feminine care packaging. Strange, considering that the vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of the body!

That’s why in 2014, Mariah and Wendelien decided to set up Yoni. Yoni Organic Pads and Tampons - 100% organic cotton panty liners have a backing made from bioplastic. This makes them more breathable than plastic ones. The liners and tampons are individually wrapped in bioplastic for on the go.

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