Knitted cloth designs passed down through generations


Solwang Design has a heart-warming heritage story. The business started when founder Dorte Soland Wang‘s grandmother, who used to knit the family an array of kitchen textiles, passed away. Dorte found it impossible to find towels that were as effective, or as beautifully made as those she grew up with. She bought some yarn and needles and has been carrying on the family tradition ever since.

Her beautiful, woven kitchen textiles are made in a range of muted colours so there’s sure to be a style to match your kitchen, and make it picture perfect.

Tell us about your brand and how you came about?

D: "My grandmother used to turn cotton offcuts into functional dish cloths. Inevitably, some more pretty then others, depending on what colour yarn she had. The last years of her life the yarn was purchased with the intent to knit for us, this meant plain cloths and beautiful colours that fitted into our kitchens. My whole family received them for years with gratitude.

When my grandmother was no longer there to knit for us, it proved impossible to find a dish cloth that was just as effective and functional as her homemade version. Therefore, I had to buy yarn and knitting needles in order to continue the production, and for 13 years I was self-sufficient in this field. Since I wanted to share the joy of the wonderful cloths with friends and family, some extras were knitted as gifts. They were always popular, and the recipients put them on their wish list again and again. That gave me the idea to set up an actual production of grandma’s dish cloths.

Today the dish cloths and towels are produced on a knitting machine, but the final finish is still that of a handcraft cloth. They look just like their hand-knitted originals, and have retained all their good qualities such as durability, absorbency and high functionality. Just as if they were handmade all the way."

What’s your biggest challenge as a brand?

D: "Many companies want to steal the idea. My knitted articles are design protected, but my lawyer has to write to companies who try to copy my products and its packing.

I worked 5 years without pay to get my cloths known and accepted and I get really upset when big companies simply try to steal the idea."

Tell us your favourite quote, mantra or best piece of advice

D: "Remember that kindness and smiles are free, and can make our day and life so much better.

Tell us your proudest moment as a business

D: "The first time I could give myself a salary, and the business seemed to actually become a success. After 5 years of hard work and moments of doubt."

What product do you wish you’d invented?

D: "The cure for all cancers."

What is your favourite discovery from THE FIND?

D: "There are so many lovely articles, especially on the wellness section, but of course my favourite is the new stuff from Solwang Design."

What three things could you not live without?

D: "My family no doubt is number one, delicious food and wine and my computer."

Where are you going on holiday this year?

R: "A skiing trip to Austria, a work trip to India and some hiking in the Alps in the summer is the plan."

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