Mauli founder Anita Kaushal's self-care when social distancing


"I believe that this 'pause on the world' is for a reason; for us reflect, take some time out for self-care and be grateful for more time with our loved ones. To cultivate presence, top and tail your days with the daily rituals to ensure you continue to feel engaged, inspired and connected.

Fortunately, India’s rich beauty rituals are very much focused on plant-based beauty and using healing herbs, fragrant flowers and replenishing minerals mean you need not leave home to create a Spa-like self-healing ritual.

What we’ve seen in recent years is nature calling us to pay attention and recognise our oneness. With that in mind, I’ve listed some of the pure remedies I feel will best serve you to feel better of mind, body and spirit. It is my deep desire and heartfelt intention that this collection supports you now and always." Anita Kaushal, co-founder Mauli Rituals

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Positive Rituals - Create daily rituals of waking, sleeping, eating, moving and implementing self-care rituals at set times of day. For instance, finish work and put your pc/cables and work things away. Notice the little things. There is no rush, no busy train journey – there is time to notice and really appreciate all the gifts of nature. Meditation and gratitude rituals daily, I thank the universal energy for giving me the answer, write my gratitude list and intentions for my day and then move into sweet silence.

Oil & Massage are key to well-being. A beautiful, nourishing night-time ritual of lighting a candle, filling the bath with healing salts, followed by giving your whole body a massage is extremely powerful. If you don’t have time for a full body massage, just massage the feet, as all the healing reflexes will gently ease the body and calm the mind. Choosing a massage oil with therapeutic oils is even better and our Surrender Oil is specially formulated to calm an anxious mind and aid restful sleep or choose Serenity to soothe when feeling out of control and Spirited Oil to energise when feeling sad and listless.

Connect – Energy is everything – as symbolised by the sacred red thread that our brand is named after, we are all connected. Rather than house party, pick up the phone to a friend. An intimate conversation will do you and your friend or family member the world of good. If you want to feel better, make an effort to make others feel better. Giving love, showing compassion and kindness all come back in the form of karma, so do as you would have done. Focus less on the energy you’re getting and more on what you’re giving.

Learn – we feel better when we are growing. Rather than feeling stagnant, use this time to learn. There is something you’ve always wanted to learn, for the joy it it – now is the time.

Bolstering immunity at this time of year is key. We are in Kapha season and this results in feeling depleted, a little down and more prone to the toxins around us. There are things you can do to protect yourself. Start the day with warm water and lemon and later in the day drink warm water with fresh ginger or opt for splash of aloe vera juice, as this bitter taste helps flush out toxins. Gargle daily with oil or to boost immunity, gargle with warm water mixed with a spoon or organic triphala – Mauli Rituals have this within their product edit. The fruit of 3 berries, triphala is tri-doshic and supports the health of all 7 tissues and gargling with it, helps strengthen the respiratory system, as does adding a drop of oil in each nostril, as mentioned earlier. Drink a warm cup of almond milk mixed with a spoon of organic Ashwaghanda, as this herb boosts immunity. Get plenty of sleep and be really kind to yourself. It’s okay, not to feel okay. Get into the habit of switching off your phone at a specific time and only watch the news first and last thing, as fear causes the immunity to suffer.

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