MEET THE FIND: Frances Prescott of Frances Prescott

Make-up artist Frances Prescott and her sister Pauline both enjoy fast paced lifestyles: Frances, shifting between fashion shoots, film sets and her skincare studio; and Pauline, travelling to the four corners of the globe on business. It’s with super-busy women in mind that inspired them to team up to create their own luxury skincare range – a capsule collection of products containing natural ingredients sourced in the UK. These premium quality ingredients nourish and nurture skin, promoting a naturally glowing complexion. Cruelty-free, they don’t contain any unnecessary or harmful parabens, silicones or sulphates.
  • Tell us about your brand and how you came about?

F: A conversation with my sister about working together, she from a biz back ground, me from skincare and beauty led us to talk about a dream product we could create. We both travelled lots and looked for a luxury, transportable, multi-functioning product that gave great results. Her business experience and my ex nurse, skin therapist and makeup artist experience gave us a super combination of skills and we wanted to have fun x

  • What’s your biggest challenge as a brand?

F: Finances!

    • Tell us your favourite quote, mantra or best piece of advice

    • Tell us your proudest moment as a business

    F: When India Knight gave a whole page to us in the Sunday times! We’d only just launched!

    • Who is your hero?

    F: My mother.

    • What is your THE FIND?

    F: Brush on sun shield. I use it in my professional make-up kit! Its great to use on beauty and fashion shoots on hot locations ! Love it.

    • What's your favourite place to hideaway?

    F: My home.

    • What three things could you not live without?

    F: Tea, wine, my bath.

    • What three items do you never travel without?

    F: Sunscreen, books, music.

    • What time does your day start & how do you start it?

    F: 6AM, try to get a swim in, definitely a cup of tea.

    Now, let’s FIND Out About You

    • Wellies or Flip-Flops
    • Bubble Bath or Hot Shower
    • Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter
    • Lipstick or Lip Balm
    • Cinema or Theatre - But love the cinema... tough one
    • Paperback or Kindle - Definitely paperback
    • Yoga or Run
    • Pressed Juice or Cocktail - But love cocktails
    • Serums or Oils

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