MEET THE FIND: Gudrun Wurm of Little Butterfly London

Little Butterfly's mission is to bring you the purest, kindest skincare, with all of their ingredients being organically recognised perfect for nurturing delicate skin, including sensitive, reactive or eczema-prone.
Made with utmost care, their range combines exquisite and authentic natural and organic ingredients, so you can rest assured that yours and your baby’s precious skin is in expert hands.

  • Tell us about your brand and how you came about?

G: Having been passionate about luxury skincare since I was a girl, my standards for my own son’s skin were high; and though I travelled the world, I couldn’t find a range that ticked all my boxes: organic luxury, absolutely safe, gentle and beautifully effective, designed to care for even newborn and highly sensitive, irritation-prone skin. I also wanted reassurance from certifying bodies so that I could be confident that nothing harmful was included and that the care of our planet had been considered and respected through ethical production and exemplary trading measures.

My explorations piqued my interest and I then began to embrace the study of organic cosmetics, immersing myself in the world of gentle plant actives and ingredients; those which nourish, soothe and protect. And with that, my dream was born: to create Britain’s first luxury, organic-certified baby skincare range. Equally, as a mother, I know how exciting and sometimes daunting it can be to see our bellies grow and our bodies change. Throughout my own experience, I strongly believed that whilst our bodies were working on creating magic, they also deserved to be cherished. Pregnancy and early motherhood are fleeting times when women should be able to treasure, indulge and pamper their incredible bodies. Women deserve to slow down and immerse themselves in this important journey of creating and nurturing life. My intention was to enhance natural beauty and help women to bask in this magical time with products that reach beyond organic purity and comfort, bringing pleasure and lifting the mood. Products perfectly safe to be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding, while highly effective and containing powerful active plant ingredients that deliver visible results - alongside the enjoyment of beautiful textures and scents.

  • What’s your biggest challenge as a brand?

G: Little Butterfly London is the first truly luxury brand in the mother & baby category, in a market that is still predominantly supplied with either synthetic mass-market or relatively cheap ingredient-based products, often even without any quality or safety certifications with regard to the provenance of the ingredients or the formulas overall. As we offer outstanding quality and safety reassurance (LBL is certified organic by Ecocert, which means every raw material can be traced all the way back to its source and is audited at every touch point of the supply chain, it is vegetarian and vegan society approved, clinically tested and dermatologist approved and exclusively made in the UK) we have a much higher cost of goods, which results in a considerably smaller profit margins, which equally leaves us very little funds for marketing, which again means it takes much longer to get known and eventually be somewhat financially stable.

We also use beautiful luxury and recyclable packaging with solid oak wooden closures bespoke coloured with non-toxic child friendly paint, gorgeous, but it all comes with a higher cost. However, we love what we do and what we create and would never want to compromise on anything. I strongly believe that high quality products are made with a higher integrity, a higher level of consciousness and energy, which is something that ultimately comes through on the receiving end when a consumer gets in touch with our brand. It’s our own way of sharing positive emotions with the world in making women’s lives more pleasurable with products that reflect the preciousness of all their life stages including pre- and post-pregnancy and caring for their little ones.

    • Tell us your favourite quote, mantra or best piece of advice

    • Tell us your proudest moment as a business

    G: There have been so many especially when it is your own business with the vision to be the best brand available on the market. Just simply having the products finally at hand made me excited and somewhat proud. Every single award was a moment of joy and gratitude for the appreciation, every new retail account was exciting to get, but probably one of our proudest moments was when Harrods decided to work with us and we are now the only certified organic brand in the Baby Layette Department that offers skincare for both mom & babies.

    When I had the idea of developing Little Butterfly London I always saw the range at Harrods and finally after a few years their doors have opened, which is really exciting, Harrod’s was always a dream retailer of mine from the first stage I thought about creating the brand.

    • What product do you wish you'd invented?

    G: Any one single product brand that everybody needs!

    • What is your THE FIND?

    G: I love Aromatherapy Associate bath oils!

    • What's your biggest extravagance?

    G: Not sure where to start :-)

    • What three things could you not live without?

    G: My son, my laptop, my running shoes.

    • What is your 'LITTLE FIND'?

    G: Hjem, that little organic Danish coffee shop around my corner.

    • What time does your day start & how do you start it?

    G: During the week at 5:45. I mediate for about an hour (time flies when you have fun :-) ), then wake my son, prepare his breakfast and drop him at the school bus. I always try to fit a 30min run after that, grab an organic oat milk cappuccino and then get on with work.

    Now, let’s FIND Out About You

    • Wellies or Flip-Flops
    • Bubble Bath or Hot Shower
    • Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter
    • Lipstick or Lip Balm
    • Cinema or Theatre
    • Paperback or Kindle - Audiobook :-)
    • Yoga or Run
    • Pressed Juice or Cocktail - Both :-)
    • Serums or Oils - Don't make me choose, I want it all!

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