Why You Need A Sustainable Air Purifier

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Disillusioned by the lack of innovation in sustainable technology and recyclable materials, especially in the home appliance industry, the founders of Briiv took the task of creating an organisation that uses eco-friendly materials and smart engineering to design the most sustainable, recyclable air purifier on Earth.

We spoke to the founders of Briiv about their environmental experience and journey in creating the most sustainable and eco-friendly air purifier on the market.

What is the most shocking thing you learnt while working in the air filter industry in terms of environmental impact?

We have been most shocked by the extent of green washing within in the industry, with some manufacturers claiming that coated metals and bonded plastics break down in a healthy way and return to the planet in the form of water and air. Whilst partly true as everything breaks down eventually given tens of thousands of years, it certainly doesn’t look at how consumer products are treated and handled at the end of their life.

There are very few manufacturers that use filters from natural sources; and virtually no producers of electronic items that try to tackle the problems of disposal and contamination of their product at the end of their life - With the premise being placed on moving that problem on to the consumer to either figure out, or to waste recovery companies that can vary wildly from region to region, resulting in most devices being sent to land fill or more likely incinerated to reclaim the metals.

Briiv’s filtration system includes many features that aren’t found in other related products. Where did you get your creativity and inspiration from?

We took our inspiration from the natural world, spending years of research into sustainable natural alternatives with extensive efficiency testing and months of researching the latest scientific journals to validate previously unexplored concepts. The process is one that was originally developed by NASA in the 60’s to solve complex problems of getting man to the moon, we have taken this process and refined it over the last 10 years to bring that technology and promise into people’s homes.

How does Briiv clean the air? How close do you have to be from the filter to notice its effects?

In simple terms briiv cleans the air by pulling it through a series of extremely fine nets, the nets capture the particles of dust and smaller and allows the air to carry on unhindered through the device pulled by a fan. briiv is designed to be small to sit near you in your environment so sitting closer to it you will get the effects much faster than if it were to be left in the corner of a room that then had to clean all the air in the room as in circulates.

In essence it can create a personal zone or draft of constant very high-quality air.

Is there anything else I should know regarding its sustainable ethos?

For us, sustainable eco-production is a life-long mission. We are re-investing nearly everything we make in profitability back into research and development, to tackle other urgent issues and create new innovations which minimise or remove entirely, plastics and waste in traditional manufacturing.

We position ourselves at the absolute forefront when it comes to maximising the circular nature of consumer items. We want to push things like recycling and plastic-free production to the limit to be the cleanest, greenest manufacturer not only in the UK, but the world. We achieved that with the briiv Air Filter, where 96% of the entire product is either biodegradable or recyclable, save the electronics which make the machine actually function. We want people to recognise our name and understand that as an organisation we value sustainability, above all else and are the No.1 green alternative as a product producer.

In future we look forward to bringing new innovations to people’s homes. Technology and effort which is often reserved for large industrial entities seeking profit, we persevere to bring into the hands of each and every sustainably minded person to take control of; and allow them to look after their environment.

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