Strawberry-Chia-Watermelon: A simply delicious recipe. Very light and easy peasy to blend. Refreshing, hydrating and the perfect summer breakfast or snack! Add a bit of chilli (secret from THE FIND).


An Intelligent Approach to Garden Design by garden and landscape architect Jinny Blom - A wonderful gift for garden fans: "No garden can comfortably survive without a strong skeletal structure. Having walked the site and breathed in its character it is time to set to work with pencil and paper and consider the bones. Drawing a plan by hand evokes every aspect of the developing garden in your mind’s eye. The pace and rhythm of the garden spaces, the views, the practicalities all settle into their rightful place. In shaping a plan all the real and invented intentions emerge. This is how the beauty of a place is uncovered and made real."


Now is the time to look after yourself. When it comes to taking care of your nails, getting a manicure is not the only option. Here are some simple tricks and tips that will help you to do so. Take a look at this clever guide.


Philosopher Phillipp Goff: one of the foremost modern advocates of the idea on Consciousness Everywhere. Author of Galileo's Error. The human brain contains roughly 85 billion neurons, wired together in an extraordinarily complex network of interconnected parts. It's hardly surprising that we don't understand the mind and how it works. BUt do we know about our experience of consciousness to suggest that consciousness cannot arise from nothing more than the physical interactions of bits of matter?

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