Art in its many forms is something we are all feeling passionate about here at THE FIND and we are happy to be working together with some truly inspirational artists who share our vision and outlook and who have made a conscious decision to make their work count.

July 2022

Introducing Fredrick J. Jacobs

Frederik J. Jacobs is a travel & lifestyle photographer with a passion for exploring and discovering remote corners of the planet, to meet, observe and follow people in their natural habitat.
Discover more of Frederik's work at, follow his work on IG @iamfrederikjjacobs. Whether your camera of choice is a DSLR or your iPhone, he shares his unique depictions of life and read more here to find out the motivation behind his beautiful images... We met with Frederik to find out all about him, his take on sustainability, his inspirations and what he is loving right now! You can read his interview here.
Frederik Jacobs

January 2020

Introducing Annika Reed

In January 2020, we exclusively commissioned Annika's stunning print, Climbing Vine in colour-way Beryl & Porcelain, for our tissue paper. The Paederia Foetida vine featured in this elegant wallpaper is considered to have great restorative powers in its leaves, roots and flowers and have a calming influence.

Not only do we love Annika's work, we love that sustainability is the driving force behind everything she produces.

Born in Devon, Annika now lives in Forest Hill, London with her husband and daughter. She studied Fine Art Printmaking for her BA in Brighton and MA at Camberwell. But it was at the university of Shanghai, China that Annika learnt the craft of woodblock.

We went behind the scenes with the London-based block print designer to find out all about her, her take on sustainability and what she is loving right now! You can read her interview here.