19 amazing virtual museum and gallery tours

Another week of social distancing means we're all starting to feel a little cabin fever-ish. Though we're trying to keep busy with work and by exercising, it's easy for the days to feel monotonous.

Luckily, there are some new, inventive ways to fend off boredom while staying indoors. Take a "stroll" through some of the world's most prestigious museums and galleries including The Louvre, MoMA and British Museum.

  • British Museum, London: Walk amongst the Egyptian mummies on a virtual tour of one of the world's most famous museum.
  • The Louvre: No need to hop on the Eurostar to get your Parisian art fix. The Louvre has free online tours of three famous exhibits.
  • Van Gogh Museum: Enjoy the impressionist painter's most famous works of art thanks to Google Arts & Culture. Sadly, there will be no sunflower picking.
  • The Vatican Museum: The stunning Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, and Raphael's Room, are just some of the breathtaking sites you can see on the Vatican's virtual tour.
  • Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum: Madrid's must-see art museum has the works of some of the continent's most loved artists like Rembrandt and Spanish artist, Dali, available online.
  • Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam: Beautiful pieces of Dutch art are highlighted in this museum which include works from Vermeer and Rembrandt.


  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: Overflowing with the works of Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, Jeff Koons, and Franz Marc to name just a few of the 625 artists whose pieces are a part of the Guggenheim's Collection Online.
  • Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Spend a whole day exploring every detail of the 360-degree room-by-room tour of the museum.
  • Getty Museum: This hip Los Angeles gallery has two virtual tours, including "Eat, Drink, and Be Merry," which is takes a closer look at food we ate in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
  • Georgia O’Keeffe Museum: Six virtual exhibits are available to enjoy from this museum, this will be loved by anyone who did art at school!
  • National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City: Perhaps a museum you will not have ventured to but now you can uncover the pre-Hispanic history of Mexico with 23 rooms full of amazing Mayan artefacts.
  • NASA: For lovers of space and science, explore Virginia's Langley Research Center and Ohio's Glenn Research Center free online tours. You can even try some "augmented reality experiences" via The Space Center Houston's app.
  • National Women's History Museum: Let's celebrate the women who changed history with online exhibits and oral histories from the Virginia-based museum.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: Though there is no Met Gala this year, you can still fall in love at the The Costume Institute Conversation Lab, which is just one of the institution's 26 exhibits.
  • High Museum of Art, Atlanta: This museum's captivating online exhibits include "Civil Rights Photography" — these photos capture moments in time that changed history forever like Rosa Park's arrest.
  • Detroit Institute of Arts: Mexican artist and total icon Frida Kahlo is the focus of two of the four online exhibits.
  • National Museum of the United States Air Force: So you might not be able to get up close and personal but there's tonnes of military weapons and aircrafts to explore online in the Air Force's official museum.
  • MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art): World renowned and hardly needs an introduction, New York's extensive collection is available to view online.
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: The 16 exhibits include a special selection on 21st Century Designer Fashion. Can you spot anything you once owned?

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