Everything To Know About The New TheraFace PRO


Everything To Know About The New TheraFace PRO

Can you tell us a little bit more about how TheraFace PRO works?

Essentially, TheraFace PRO works by using renowned technology to help improve your facial health. This involves anything from helping reduce tension in your face, to relaxing your facial muscles and helping you care for your face at the deepest level. The device actually offers multi-tasking, science-backed facial therapies, which means you can personalise your routine and switch between or combine different facial treatments such as skin-toning and rejuvenating light therapy!

Unlike other facial tech on the market, the TheraFace PRO more or less does it all, offering 8 facial treatments in 1. This includes Percussive Therapy, LED Light therapy (Red, Blue and Red-Infrared Light), Microcurrent, Cleansing, Hot and Cold powered by Cryothermal Technology which all bring different benefits to optimise facial health.

How long would it take before you can expect to see results?

Every face is unique, so results are based on the individual and how often the device and treatments are used. Our clinical study however received some incredibly positive results, with 94% of people reporting their skin looked healthier overall and 89% observed a decrease in wrinkles and/or unhealthy-looking skin and also felt their skin was more rejuvenated, radiant and had a glow!

Could you share with us what the different benefits are of using the various types of rings (hot, cold, cleansing)?

TheraFace PRO is actually the first product to offer percussive therapy for the face, which helps reduce minor facial muscle pain and tension. The microcurrent ring helps with tightening, toning and contouring targeted muscles in your face by using low-level electrical voltage to stimulate different facial muscles. The cleansing ring removes facial build up of dirt, oil and debris, buffing away at dead skin cells for a thorough cleanse.

The cone-shaped attachment offers a more precise treatment for targeted toning in areas such as the eyes and smaller pressure points. The hot ring relaxes and reduces tension, decreases pain, muscle spasms and helps increase blood flow, whilst the cold ring also helps reduce inflammation in the face.

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