Meet the Founder of DAME: Celia Pool

Describe the inspiration behind launching DAME?

I had always been interested in sex from a young age, and knew it was an industry that needed de-stigmatising, especially when it came to female pleasure. After earning my Masters in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in sex therapy, I decided to enter the world of sextech.

I co-founded Dame Products to start necessary conversations, to listen rather than assume, and to create products that enhance intimacy, with an ultimate goal of closing the pleasure gap. We wanted to offer people innovative, well-designed products that people actually wanted and needed.

Dame is not only revolutionising toys for sex, but changing the way we experience, understand, and explore sexuality as part of holistic wellbeing. Since 2014, the team has opened doors that have long been closed to the sexuality industry, and we’ve become a key player in the movement of bringing pleasure to the forefront of wellness.

Sustainability meets chic at DAME. What's your secret to marrying eco-consciousness with undeniable luxury?

Our priority at Dame has always been to design our products prioritising safety and health, and then secondly doing what we can to support the environment. Our products are made with medical-grade silicone, which means they’ve been tested and found suitable for use in medical devices and we also require third-party tests for all materials to ensure the utmost safety for our consumers. Our push for sustainability focuses on the longevity of our products, and creating vibrators with quality materials and design that’s intended to be long-lasting.

If DAME had a fashion muse, who would it be and why? Who is someone that focuses on innovation and accessibility?

From a designer standpoint, I would say Christian Sirano because he really works to make each woman feel special and heard, which is what we aim to do at Dame - listen and hear every woman’s needs and concerns when it comes to sexual wellness.

The DAME flagship product is a sensation. What's the story behind its creation, and what sets it apart?

From Dame’s inception, it’s been important that every product we launch, including our first product, the Eva, is meeting a demand and interest of consumers. We knew statistically that over 80% of women cannot reach orgasm from penetrative sex alone, so in 2015 we launched a crowdfunding campaign pitching Eva as the world’s only hands-free clitoral vibrator, made to wear during penetrative sex. Engaging with our audience, identifying potential customer concerns, and ultimately selling 9,000 products in our pre-sale period, we became the most successful adult product campaign on IndieGogo. It was then we realised we had created an incredible product, and done it in a way that put our consumers first.

DAME collaborations are always in vogue. Are any dream partnerships on the horizon for DAME?

Dame has always been on a mission to make the conversations around pleasure more inclusive and accessible. Jane Fonda has always been a dream partner for so many reasons, but mostly because of her openness to talk about sex, and show that sex and pleasure doesn’t have an age limit. Pleasure is accessible at any age, and sex has so many health benefits, and Jane Fonda doesn’t hold back when it comes to speaking about those benefits.

As successful entrepreneurs, what do you find your hardest challenge in business?

While the sex industry has come a long way since we launched in 2015, it still has a long way to go. At Dame we’ve overcome some incredible hurdles with censorship, which included suing the MTA so that we could advertise our products on the subway, and taking a large leap forward for the industry being the first sex toy allowed on Kickstarter. Today, we still face significant obstacles when it comes to where we can advertise, and what publications will write about us, which is challenging when you’re selling products that are in high demand! But we’ve seen such incredible momentum within the industry, and we’re excited to keep pushing forward and see what else we can overcome in the next five years.

DAME is empowering women with style. How does the brand champion female empowerment in a sophisticated manner?

Pleasure and being comfortable with sex is sophisticated and powerful. We’re providing women with the tools to empower their sexual journey every step of the way, and that’s something we take immense pride in as a brand.

Sustainability is the ultimate accessory. How does DAME stay ahead with cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies?

We’re constantly looking to other industries to watch what they’re doing to push the sustainability movement forward. We’re always willing to adjust products to be more eco-conscious, as long as they continue to maintain the health and safety materials that we prioritise. Ultimately when it comes to Dame’s vibrators, we’re creating high quality products that are intended to last a long time, minimising product turnover or waste. Additionally we focus on plant-based ingredients for you Arousal Serum, Massage Oil, and Aloe Lube.

If DAME had a signature scent, what notes would it feature, and what vibe would it evoke?

We launched Massage Oil Candles last year and feel each scent embodies Dame. Personally I relate most with Wild Lust, it smells like hot sweat. If we were to put another scent to Dame, I’d say we would smell human, and real. Sex at its core is so human after all.

In a nutshell, what values drive you as the founder of DAME, and how is that reflected in the brand?

I’m horny for life, and have an insatiable appetite to explore new experiences and live life fully. My drive and exploratory nature naturally translates over to the brand as we constantly work to create products that allow other humans to explore, particularly as it relates to sexual wellness.

DAME Founder, Celia Pool

Dame Founder, Celia Pool

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