5 Steps to a Healthy Scalp

5 Steps to a Healthy Scalp

Have you ever watched a shampoo ad on tv and wondered how hair models have such gorgeous, long, thick, silky hair? While genetics does play a big role when it comes to the thickness and texture of your hair, there are a lot of things you can do to improve the look and feel of your hair. A lot of factors come into play when it comes to achieving shiny, healthy locks. Did you know that a healthy scalp is actually the key to healthy hair? Many of us think that just washing our hair with a good shampoo and conditioner from the drugstore will do the trick…but if only it were that easy! We have put together a list of 5 easy changes you can make today to maintain a healthy hair and scalp.

If you’re wondering why your hair is dry and brittle, and your scalp is flaky and itchy, then it might be the case of taking a close look at your hair care routine and consider investing in proper, high-quality all natural hair care and scalp products.

1. Detox Your Scalp

The first step towards achieving a healthy scalp is to move away from any hair care products containing sulphates and other harmful chemicals. Consider a hair detox to wipe your hair clean from any toxins that have already done damage to your scalp from products and even the environment. Malin + Goetz Detox Scalp Mask is a great place to start a clean beauty slate. It deeply purifies and exfoliates your scalp to remove product buildup, excess oil and impurities, leaving your scalp feeling healthy and balanced.

2. Go Easy on the Shampoo

The best way to maintain a healthy scalp is by staying away from shampoo containing any harsh chemicals which might damage your hair. It's also a good idea to avoid drowning your hair in way more shampoo than you need and only wash your hair when you actually need it, as too much shampoo can strip away the natural oils which are essential for maintaining a healthy scalp. Remember, when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, a little goes a long way.

3. Switch Up Your Hair Products

When it comes to washing your hair, we know it can be hard to figure out what products you should be using, especially with so many options out there! We recommend Rahua’s Classic Shampoo and Conditioner, which are rainforest grown and made with organic, natural, and pure plant derived ingredients. They’re both free from gluten, parabens, sulphates and silicones, which is exactly what to look for in a hair product. Rahua’s Classic Shampoo and Conditioner’s cult-favourite formula will leave your hair soft, silky, and luminous, and will keep your scalp in balance—not too oily, or too dry.

4. Show Your Scalp Some Love With a Massage

Who knew that scalp massages don’t just feel great, but also do great things to promote a healthy scalp and hair! Incorporating a scalp massage into your hair care routine every now and then by taking a few extra minutes to give your scalp a gentle massage when you’re in the shower, can provide some amazing benefits such as stress release, reducing muscle tension, and enhancing blood circulation which can strengthen your hair follicles and promote hair growth. Check out our Scalp Massager by Centred which can help give your scalp a thorough cleanse by exfoliating any dead skin and product build up, leaving your scalp looking and feeling amazing.

5. Don’t Forget to Treat Your Hair

Using a scalp treatment every once in a while can do wonders to restore and help maintain a healthy scalp. Rahua’s Founder's Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment provides a powerful, non-toxic, vegan treatment that restores balance to the scalp’s microbiome, strengthens hair roots, and balances scalp moisture levels, leaving your scalp nourished and smooth.

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