Irene Forte Shares 3 Luxurious Home Facial Routines

Irene Forte Shares 3 Luxurious Home Facial Routines

Irene Forte’s innovative skincare collection boasts all the benefits of natural Mediterranean ingredients alongside 35 years of scientific research – helping to bring the spa experience home to you. Whether you’re a regular facial fanatic or just want to put your pores to bed, Irene shares three of her most effective rituals to help give you that coveted summer glow…

Face tools are your beauty buddies.

  1. Spatulas- They come with every Irene Forte face product, and are a must when using natural skincare products. Skincare products are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria; fingers are dirty and they can contaminate products. A spatula prevents your product from being contaminated. Wash the spatula with soap and water after each use and store in a clean place.
  2. Bamboo Reusable Remover Pads- Swap your normal cotton pads for applying toner with these reusable remover pads. They are great because they can be washed in the washing machine like a towel or simply washed with soap and water under the sink tap.
  3. Reusable Sponge – Great to remove cleansers, scrubs and face masks. Rinse and wring out after each use and store in a cool, dry place.
  4. Jade Roller – Perfect for a deep facial massage, smoothing skin and encouraging lymphatic drainage.


An indulgent facial ritual, recommended to be done once a week.

Start by cleansing with the Almond Cleansing Milk; do some deep circular motions and self-massage techniques when working the cleanser. Don’t forget to cleanse your jaw and to get behind your years.

Remove this with warm water and a reusable sponge.

Use the Helichrysum Hyaluronic Toner with a bamboo reusable remover pad to remove any excess cleansing milk, to remove any calk from the tap water, and also to balance the pH of the skin.

Apply some Rose Face Oil to the face and do some self-massage techniques, which include more knuckling, some skin-rolling and some pressure points. Do this for approximately 5 minutes. The oil will fully absorb.

Next, apply the Pistachio Face Mask for 5-10 minutes. Massage in any excess, before removing it with a reusable sponge. Alternatively, if it’s the evening, you can leave it on and go to bed with the mask on.

Tone again, before applying the Hibiscus Serum, followed by the Olive Eye Cream. Finish by applying the Hibiscus Night Cream and some Pistachio Lip Balm on your lips.


You can do this routine in the morning whenever you’re feeling puffy. Before starting, soak two reusable bamboo pads in some Helichrysum Hyaluronic Toner. Place them in the fridge for about 10 minutes. Put your jade roller in the fridge for about 10 minutes too, or always keep it in the fridge like Irene does.

Begin by cleansing and toning. Then apply the Hibiscus Serum all over your face. It’s full of super active ingredients including Peptides, different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid, and a number of other ingredients. It’s a great active serum for all skin types.

Following this, take the cold reusable bamboo remover pads that are soaked in toner and place them under your eyes. They should stick, but if they don’t you can hold them.

Next, take a Jade Roller and roll along your jawline, up to the ears. Roll on the neck, on the cheeks, and across the forehead. Do this for about 5 minutes.

Following this, remove the remover pads from under your eyes.

Apply more Hibiscus Serum to one side of your face, before using the smaller side of a Jade roller or a precision gua sha tool to roll under your eyes. You can then repeat a few rolls along your forehead, in between your eyebrows, and across your cheeks.

Finish with our Olive Eye Cream and any of the face creams.


You can do this routine in the evening whenever your skin is in need of a hydration boost.

Start by cleansing with the Almond Cleansing Milk, which is great for dry and sensitive skin. Follow with the super hydrating Helichrysum Hyaluronic Toner.

Following this, gently massage a very light face scrub with circular motions, all over the face. Pay particular attention to the nose, chin, and in between the eyebrows. Remove this with warm water and a reusable sponge.

Use a reusable bamboo pad and remove any excess using the Helichrysum Hyaluronic Toner. Next pitter-patter your face with your fingertips to boost circulation.

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