5 Essential Items For The Bank Holiday Weekend

I think it's fair to say that Easter was the holiday we'd been waiting for since Christmas. However we won't complain about another one - 3 glorious days to indulge, jet set or unwind.
No matter what your plans may be, get yourself ready to have the best bank holiday yet.


We all know it, have been wishing for it even, but this weekend is creeping back towards the 20's! Make sure you're not caught out and always have a small bottle to hand to top up throughout the weekend. And yes, to the people who are not going to be enjoying warm weather but instead are going to be in drizzle or cold - you should still be applying SPF. Find out why here.
Coola Sport Sport SPF 50 - £22


You're thinking this doesn't sound essential, right? Well, when you're perfectly primped locks start to become slick to your neck, you'll thank us! Especially if you've got little ones running around, no doubt already dirty even though you only blinked. Don't fight it, use the best hairbrush in the biz to quickly tackle hair into bobble and get on with the fun.

Compact Tangle Teezer - £12.50


If you've got children, you've got 4 days of entertainment to pull out of the bag. Maybe you're staying home or perhaps you're visiting family, either way you'll be happy for the help these pocket sized activity sets provide.

Petit Collage - £7.95 - £18


There might not be much of this over the weekend but it's important to find a moment for yourself. If you think you're going to be pushed for a quiet spot, just whip out a handbag-sized roller ball, to encourages a state of quiet and calm when applied to the pulse points. Even when hiding in bathrooms from screaming kids or THAT member of your extended family!

Aromatherapy Associates Roller Ball - £15


Of course, you now you need somewhere to store all your weekend essentials. Why not one of our cotton tote bags! Spend £30 and use code 'TOTE' to get yours.

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