9 Habits for a Healthy Back to School Routine

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The end of summer means back to school for many of us. Whether you're getting ready to send the kids off for their first day of primary or secondary school, it's important to create healthy habits and routines that are easy to maintain throughout the whole school year. We've put together a few tips which could come in handy to help you and the kids get ready for school and have a more positive and healthy back-to-school experience.
9 Habits for a Healthy Back to School Routine This Year - Mind


1. Create a Morning and Night Routine

Creating a productive morning routine and a relaxing evening routine can help you have an easier back-to-school experience with the children. Create a morning routine that works for you, whether it’s making yourself a nourishing breakfast or doing your skincare routine, it should be something that you look forward to every day in the morning. For a night routine, try having a relaxing bath, doing your evening skincare, or reading a good book in bed before going to sleep.

2. Plan Your Day The Night Before

There’s nothing worse than rushing out the door in the morning completely stressed out. Whether it’s getting out the kids' uniforms or meal-prepping their lunchboxes, planning your day the night before will help you get that extra peace of mind in the morning to help you start your day stress-free.

3. Practice Mindfulness

Taking a few moments each day to practice positivity and mindfulness is incredibly important for your mental wellbeing. You can do this by taking 5 minutes to meditate in the morning, or by writing a list of good things that happened in your day before going to bed. Practising gratitude and mindfulness can help you maintain a positive mindset and improve your overall mental wellness.

9 Habits for a Healthy Back to School Routine This Year - Body


1. Exercising Regularly

Getting the kids back in school can become a very busy period, but it's important to dedicate some time to doing some physical activity. Even if it's just going for an afternoon walk, or spending some time playing with the children in the garden or in your local park while it's still warm, it's important to encourage exercise to keep your kids active and healthy. Exercising regularly is also a great habit to build for lifelong health and fitness.

2. Meal Planning

Whether it's packing lunches the night before, or meal-prepping breakfast and dinner, planning meals in advance can save time, money and ensures that the kids get the nutrients they need by not skipping any meals due to lack of time in the morning. Besides being a great habit to get into for time-management, meal-prepping can also help you to keep up with healthy eating habits, and encourages the kids to eat healthy meals.

3. Prioritise Sleep

Getting children back into a healthy sleeping schedule is essential to their physical and mental wellbeing. Especially after the summer holidays when they're like to have been sleeping and waking up later than usual. Getting enough sleep and following a consistent sleeping routine can help children become more attentive and productive with their school activities.

9 Habits for a Healthy Back to School Routine This Year - Soul


1. Socialising Often

School shouldn't be just about studying hard and getting good grades. In fact, it's probably where children will make some of their friends for life. Encourage your kids to socialise with their school friends by organising play dates or getting them to join clubs and extra-curricular activities. Spending time with friends is a great way to help children unwind and prevent burnout at school.

2. Go For a Daily Walk

Going for a daily walk by yourself is a great and healthy way to clear your mind and unwind, especially when it comes to the stress of parenting. Try spending some time outdoors or in nature every day while the kids are at school to nourish your soul with some fresh air. You can listen to a podcast or to some music while you're on a walk for the ultimate mindfulness experience.

3. Find a Hobby That You Love

Whether it's reading, writing, baking, getting artsy or listening to music, finding a hobby that you love is super important to help you deal with the stress that often comes with being a parent. What's important is that you find an activity that works for you to help you unwind, clear your mind and distract yourself from the unavoidable stress that comes with parenting duties.

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