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Anna Cottle from @onemanstrashuk created her brand with the planet in mind. They use only offcuts of the finest leather, which are then transformed into funky original earrings with a happy healthy life ahead of them. Because the leather is recycled, the earrings are priced at a low cost - Happy Earrings, Happy You. At THE FIND, we never need an excuse to get creative, and with Anna's jewellery making workshops, she can help you make the cutest Christmas presents!

Anna's 3 Top Tips on how to make Recycled Jewellery

Handle with care.

The fabric isn’t like cookie dough, you can’t re-roll it. So when recycling and using old fabric, mark out your new shape near the edge so you can get as many pieces as possible.

    Choose your Fabric.

    Consider your design and the appropriate fabric. I find soft, thin leathers work well as tassels and dangly earrings, but thicker stiffer leathers work well as stiff shapes and statement pieces.

    Lean in.

    Lean into your shape with your rotary cutter when cutting from the back. And then out when cutting from the front. This means the back of your fabric and the frays won’t show when looking at it straight on.

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    Anna's THE FIND - Dr PAWPAW and EQ LOVE

    I just love anything from Dr PawPaw. Tons of my Newzealander friends introduced me and I've never looked back! I also have my eye on EQ Love SPF 30 Lip Stick as I'm going skiing this winter and need to protect my smackers!

    Dr Paw PAw

    Anna's LITTLE HACK

    Use an empty mussel as the scoop tool for the next mussel - Mind blowing!


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