THE FIND: Photographer Frederik Jacobs

THE FIND: Photographer Frederik Jacobs

Frederik Jacobs is a venture investor and constantly curious amateur photographer with a passion for exploring and discovering remote corners of our planet, to meet, observe and follow people in the celebrations of their life. Discover more of Frederik's work at Whether your camera of choice is a DSLR or your iPhone, read on for Frederik's top 3 travel photography tips, and lust over his beautiful images...


Frederiks's Top 3 Travel Photography Tips

Stay Organised.

There is nothing quite like keeping your bags organised during a trip. It’s about a system that is logical and allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for. During my adventures, I have to be prepared to deal with fast daily weather conditions. I’m a big fan of the Ortlieb duffle bags which are waterproof, light, and tough enough to take a few beatings, but also ideal for a regular summer holiday. Paired with the Eagle Creek Pack-It system which keeps my clothes organised and my bag neatly packed until the last day of the trip.

    Be Patient And Observe.

    I deliberately look for the intimate interactions with local people that live away from the larger tourist streams. Even if I may not speak the local language and have to rely on a translator to help facilitate a conversation, just quietly sitting around a campfire and sharing a cup of freshly brewed tea, or sipping a bowl of fermented mare’s milk; both work wonders. Instincts may urge me to try and capture photos immediately, however, by building up a quiet rapport and allowing space, means more genuine and comfortable interactions.

    Give Back.

    It is easy to get overwhelmed by the hospitality of people I encounter. It’s nothing to take for granted; so role your sleeves back and help. Life is hard enough in such remote areas and help is surely always appreciated. Whether it is helping to corral livestock or churn butter by hand, little gestures like that go a long way and can only bring you closer to the people and make the experience that much more satisfying. There is nothing like witnessing Mongolian nomads passing around a pot of braised mutton stew that I cooked, eager to clear out the last drop of the sauce. Little things go a long way!


    Frederik's THE FIND - The Bluebeards Revenge

    The concept of THE FIND is brilliant as it helps me to at least scale down on my most important toiletries and have the items in a compact format, with enough content to last me the duration of my normal excursions.

    One product I’ve started to appreciate is the ECO WARRIOR DEODORANT by The Bluebeards Revenge. A regular hot shower is rarely found during my travels and the smell is subtle enough to provide the sense of freshness even after a number of days camping in a tent.


    Frederik's LITTLE HACK

    The concept of travelling light, unfortunately, doesn't apply to my photography expeditions, I tend not to hold back and just bring everything. There isn't such a thing as an all-in-one lens. Every situation demands a different setup and camera configuration. Most of all you never know what situation you will encounter. Hence my camera bag ends up weighing a ton.

    Frederik's FAVOURITE QUOTE

    'Whether it is just one day or day one of your next adventure, it is up to you to decide'


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