A LITTLE GUIDE: Golden Haircare Rules

Who doesn't long for the shiniest, healthiest hair? Read our insider tips on the best way to treat your strands and some easy everyday switches that will help you achieve those hydrated locks even a Herbal Essence model would be jealous of!

1. Get to know your hair type

Everyone's hair is different, understanding your hair type is the most important thing you can do. We've all got our own natural textures and we should be embracing them. Your hair will always look at its best when you enhance your natural texture whether it be with products, scrunching or oils.

2. Find the right stylist for you

How many times have you needed a haircut, walked in somewhere and come out so devastated you've worn your hair up for a week? Your hair type is unique to you, if you've got curls be aware that not everyone is trained in cutting them! Everyone has a social media page nowadays so check a few of them out and look for some similar hair types they've worked with on their feeds.

3. Don't over-dry your hair

If you're able, allow your hair to air dry even if it's just once in a while. Blow-drying is not a problem as long as you don't continue to go over your already dry hair, stop as your hair is just dry otherwise you'll begin to strip moisture.

4. Keep a routine

Be consistent in your haircare maintenance, find a routine that works for you and stick to it. Try not to deviate too much to try the hot new thing on the market as you might overload your hair.

5. Don't be afraid of styling products

Yep we know we just said not to go crazy of the next new product but when used correctly they can be great for styling hair, often without the need for extra heat. The right ones also help you maintain your style for longer between salon visits.

A few we love...

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6. Protect your hair from UV

Your scalp and hair can burn just like the rest of your skin. Over a prolonged period of time they degrade your hair, leaving it vulnerable to breakage. Use a water-resistant cream containing UV filters if you're a keen swimmer as it helps to protect your hair from pool chemicals and use a powder sunscreen, like Brush on Block or Colorescience on your roots in the day.

7. Get rid of your elastics

Pulling your hair into the same tight up-dos puts stress on the folicles and can lead to breakage and thinning. Change up your style by wearing your up-do in different places and swap out your old hair ties for seamless fabric ones.

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8. Be realistic with your hair colour

We love social media and all the creative prospects of crazy hairstyles but SO much isn't possible for lots of hair types. Be prepared to have things done in stages and do your research about your colourist. Just because they're talking the talk doesn't mean they can truly achieve your desired style with your hairs best interest coming first. Trust us, we're speaking from experience otherwise known as a bleaching nightmare!

9. Invest in the right tools

If you're using heat on your hair, you should be investing in good tools. Whether it's everyday or once in a while good tools will stand the test of time and many of them have a built in temperature control to stop your ends from frying.

10. Avoid strong detergent shampoos

Over the years, detergent and chemicals have been added to our haircare and skincare products that make them almost as strong as using washing up liquid! Try some protien-rich, natural shampoos to keep strands healthy.

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