Brand of the Month: Margaret Dabbs London

Margaret Dabbs London is the luxury foot care brand revolutionising the industry – creating premium products to help you take care of your feet, legs and hands, all while maintaining an ongoing commitment to sustainability. Fusing together results-driven medical science with the very best standards of beauty, the Margaret Dabbs London clinics and products have gained a global following – spanning local customers, beauty editors and A-list celebrities alike. All Margaret Dabbs London products are made in the UK, created using responsibly sourced ingredients, and with the majority of packaging being made from recyclable materials.

Margaret Dabbs London

Built on a philosophy that luxury and sustainability go hand in hand, the brand is committed to shaping and growing the business responsibly – from how products are designed, sourced, manufactured, transported and sold. Margaret Dabbs London continues to be both innovative and inclusive, with the launch of the Pure Feet & Hands range – their first 100% vegan friendly range of foot care products specially formulated with powerful, active botanicals.

At the heart of the business is founder and CEO, Margaret Dabbs, the industry’s foremost foot guru. A trailblazer in the foot care industry, Margaret Dabbs was awarded an OBE in the 2023 New Year’s Honours List, in recognition of her significant contribution to Business and Podiatry. Backed with over 30 years of experience, Margaret launched her career in the medical sector, where she realised just how overlooked foot care had become. Spotting an opportunity to introduce cosmetic podiatry to the beauty industry, Margaret Dabbs launched her eponymous brand in 2008, on a mission to create clinically-approved, high-quality products. “Beauty products didn’t work and pharmacy formulations were unpleasant to use,” she tells us, “so I set about sourcing ingredients from around the world and mixed formulas to use initially in my own clinic.”

Margaret Dabbs London

What started as a footcare range eventually went on to encompass hand and leg products, as patients naturally began to enquire about hand treatments, or complain about leg swelling. Developing the trademarked ingredient Legance™ to target puffiness, swelling, and to promote venous decongestion and stimulate circulation, the Margaret Dabbs London Leg range includes everything from a scrub to a leg serum. Now with eleven clinics across the UK, as well as locations in A Coruña, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Margaret tells us there’s more to look forward to: “Keep an eye out for new products, more distribution, exciting launches and more clinics globally.Margaret Dabbs London

Want to know how to get a salon-worthy pedicure from home? Margaret Dabbs talks us through her three golden rules for getting your toes ready for summer.

1. File

The first step is to use the Margaret Dabbs London Professional Foot File – which can safely remove corns or hard skin from your toes. Foot filing should always be done on dry skin for best results – wet skin masks the area to be treated and weakens the tissues, making cracks in the skin more likely to open. The Professional Foot File will not adhere well to wet skin, meaning that the skin isn’t removed as effectively, and the results are not as long-lasting.

2. Scrub

Don’t underestimate the benefit of using a foot scrub to bring dull, dry skin back to life and reach the areas that the file can’t touch. Use a very small amount of the Pure Natural Foot Scrub on your wet hands and rub it all over the foot, concentrating on the heels and ball of the foot, and then take it in-between the toes, and to the top of the foot and all over the nails before rinsing off with warm water. As well as exfoliating the skin, it will help to keep away bacterial infections associated with odour and reduce the symptoms of Athlete’s Foot.

3. Hydrate

Finish with the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion. This is my favourite product, and should be used daily to reduce any hard skin build-up. The skin on the feet is 12 times thicker than the rest of the body so it’s so important to use a dedicated foot cream, as regular body moisturisers simply won't cut it. Plus, it's specifically formulated with key antibacterial, antifungal, and emollient properties for healthy foot care.

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