Brand of the Month: W&P

Founded in 2012 by best friends Josh and Eric, W&P was formed to bridge the gap between innovative design and sustainability – creating functional and stylish products that transform the way we eat, drink and store food and drink.

College roommates and passionate foodies, the idea for W&P was dreamed up by Josh and Eric when they started a catering company and began designing products they wish existed in their kitchen and cocktail business. Over time the brand evolved to what it is today – learning and developing from customer feedback and growing W&P to what it is today.

The W&P Porter collection is designed to help you cut down on single-use plastic in the kitchen and beyond – providing all the same convenience whilst being good for the planet. Their containers are leakproof, freezer and microwave-safe, making them a secure and reliable choice to enjoy meals outdoors and on the go. We spoke to the President of W&P, Kate Lubenesky, to tell us more about the inspiration behind the brand and what's next in store...

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Why do you think food and good design go hand in hand?

Making, sharing, eating and storing food is a very personal experience and a way to nourish your body and soul. At W&P, we believe in three core tenets – premium materials, thoughtful features, and everyday impact.

We use the highest quality materials, like borosilicate glass, pure silicone and durable ceramic or stainless steel, classic durable kitchen materials. We add features that are useful and make you want to use the product over and over again – from subtle touches that you can’t see, to ones that are designed to be seen, like our silicone snap-strap that keeps your salads and snacks safely stored without leaking. The everyday impact is the effect that using our products on a daily has both for you and the environment. When you bring your own lunch and eliminate all the single-use waste, or make your ice water or hot coffee instead of buying a plastic bottle or cup that is tossed into the landfill within minutes, your personal footprint becomes smaller and you are paving the way for newer and more sustainable habits. The joy and satisfaction you feel in using a product that incorporates these aspects of good design leads to long-lasting change that’s better for you and the planet.


Sustainability is an integral part of the brand philosophy – what conscious steps have you made as a business and why?

This year we underwent a big redesign of our packaging to minimise the materials we use. Our main focus has been introducing products that replace plastic wrap and aluminium foil with reusable options.

Our factory is a zero-emissions facility and we’re always working in partnership with them to ensure we are reducing waste wherever possible in the manufacturing process. We’ve also recently launched an end-of-life program where consumers can return our products at the end of their useful life to us, and we’ll upcycle them.

How has the brand evolved since it was first founded?

One of the huge benefits of being a direct-to-consumer brand is our ability to really listen to our community and incorporate their feedback into our product offerings. For example, our social following was showing all kinds of tips and tricks for how they use our ice trays to freeze leftover liquids, like coconut milk and coffee, as well as soups and stew. Those hacks provided the inspiration for Cup Cubes, designed to store leftovers and batch-cooked meals, to combat food waste in the kitchen. We listen closely and communicate often, allowing us to keep our finger on the pulse of what our consumers want to see more of as they embark on or continue their sustainability journeys!


What’s next in store for W&P?

We’re tackling the messiest part of anyone’s kitchen – the freezer! Seeing and remembering what you have stored is the best way to combat food waste, and there’s a universal pain point when you ask consumers how they feel about their freezer and what’s in it. We’ve got new launches coming up that will tackle and tame this neglected but critical part of everyone’s kitchen!

Learn more about the brand from our interview with W&P founders, Josh and Eric, and shop the brand here.

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