Empower children to go outside and play, get dirty and have fun…

Meet the founders empowering your children!

Scrubbingtons’ mission is to empower children to go outside and play, get dirty and have fun… with a good soak in the tub afterwards. Getting children to enjoy the task of washing themselves and to take care of their personal hygiene, even up to the first time they use a deodorant, is central to the brand. That is why the co-founders of Scrubbingtons, Emma Cranstoun and Karen Waring created a foaming formulation for their products as it’s so much easier (and much more fun!) for kids to use – and love!

We chat to Emma about the beginnings of the brand.

Tell us about your brand and how you came about?

    E: "Scrubbingtons is a range of natural kids toiletries designed to scrub up kids and the planet. Karen was washing her 5-year-old son in the bath and realised she was still using a product with a picture of a baby on the front and that she was washing him when he should have been washing himself! We designed Scrubbingtons to help kids wash themselves, be gentle on sensitive skin and kind to the planet – our bottles are made from 50% recycled plastic and our handy refill pouches mean you only have to a plastic bottle once."

    What’s your biggest challenge as a brand?

    E: "Finding really innovative packaging that isn’t plastic and is still easy for kids to use."

    Tell us your favourite quote, mantra or best piece of advice

    Tell us your proudest moment as a business

    E: Getting stocked in Tesco was a bit moment for us, we’re passionate about getting plastic about the toiletries aisle so being able to do this in one of the UK’s largest retailers is really exciting."

    What is your favourite discovery when you look around THE FIND?

    E: "I love the Dr Lipp tint – you can never have too many!"

    Who is your hero?

    E: "I love Anita Roddick for her inspiration and creativity behind The Body Shop brand."

    Which three items do you never travel without?

    E: "Wet wipes for the kids, lip balm and paracetamol!"

    What time does your day start & how do you start it?

    E: "It starts at 6.30am with the kids rush to get them to school. Once everyone’s dropped off the work day starts with a coffee and review of sales."

    What is your favourite place to hideaway?

    E: "The bottom of the garden where no-one can find me."

    What is the most stressful part of your day?

    E: "4pm – trying to get everything finished before the kids come home from school. We work really flexibly and usually start work again at 8pm to get the last few things finished off."

    Now, let’s have a little fun and FIND out about you

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