Gardening Tips & Tricks for April

Gardening Tips & Tricks for April

Now that the days are finally getting longer and warmer, you're bound to want to spend more time in your outdoor space. Investing some time now to maintain your garden will allow you to make the most of the spring weather and cultivate some beautiful blooms, putting you in good stead for summer.

Clear the Garden

Firstly, you're going to want to clear your garden of any debris that's built up in the winter months. This includes raking and most likely quite a bit of time spent on weeding. You'll also need to do some basic lawn maintenance, by doing some edging to clearly divide the flower beds and the rest of the garden.

Get Rid of Garden Pests

While snails, slugs and aphids commonly like to hibernate in your plants during the winter, warmer weather means they come out to wreak havoc on your garden come spring. You must treat your plants to keep away those pesky insects to keep your garden looking healthy.

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Fertilize & Re-seed Your Lawn

No garden will ever look perfect without an immaculate lawn. Now is the time to apply a slow-release fertilizer that will continuously work on your soil over a longer period of time. Follow this by re-seeding all the patches of dead or damaged grass, and remembering to sufficiently water the lawn to ensure your new grass grows.

Create a Night Garden

While alfresco dining might sound great, pre-summer evenings are still on the chillier side around this time of year. Create a zone that feels like an outdoor living room by adding a fire pit, chiminea or bowl that will not only make the space warmer but also create ambience. Adding lighting such as fairy lights will create a warm atmosphere for your evenings outside.

Plant the Flowers

April weather usually welcomes the arrival of perfect conditions for sowing and cultivating flowers, so you're really spoilt for choice as to what to plant this month. Adding compost to the soil will ensure your plants have the essential nutrients they need to bloom.

We recommend: French marigolds, Cosmos, Poppies, Rudbeckia, and Nemesia.

Plant Some Vegetables

April is also the perfect time to start planting an array of vegetables. Even if you have a dedicated vegetable patch, don't shy away from potting some extra ones in some pots closer to the house for easy picking.

We recommend: potatoes, carrots, celeriac, leeks, beetroot, radishes, lettuce, aubergine, chillies & tomatoes.

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