MEET THE FIND: Georgie Cleeve of OSKIA Talks Summer Skin Protection

Georgie founded award-winning, bio-nutritional skincare brand OSKIA in 2009 with her husband George Gordon. She has 3 young children and splits her time between London and Wales, where OSKIA's factory and laboratory are.


You can really eat your way to better protected skin in the summer and I think at this time of year it is probably the most easiest as the brightest of foods, rich in sun protecting carotenoids make delicious fresh summery lunches - watermelon, tomatoes, red peppers. Anti-oxidants are key to add to your diet.

It's key to use mineral SPF, Brush on Block £24 is a great one, especially when the sun is at its hottest and you have sensitive or pigmented skin. Chemical SPF works by turning UVA and UVB into heat in the skin, which can heighten skin problems and pigmentation. A good zinc and titanium mineral based product will give your skin the best physical protection without raising the skin temperature and will remain on your skin until you remove it.

Don't forget to use a light oil during the summer, try OSKIA's Restoration Oil £15. Because we naturally sweat more during the summer, skin can become more dehydrated. On top of that we produce more sebum, so to rehydrate and regulate sebum production, a lovely light oil is ideal. Using a low molecular-weight Hyaluronic Acid serum will also rehydrate skin on a cellular level.


A really good facial mist that doesn’t contain alcohol is a must for travelling - and actually can be the only product you need on a flight if you choose the right one. I love our CityLife Facial Mist which contains phenomenal anti-pollution and anti-oxidant actives as well as anti-inflammatory and hydrating actives.


KONJAC Baby & Child Pure Sponge Kit £20. I love this when travelling with the children. And it comes in a little bag so when damp it doesn’t ruin everything else in my sponge bag.


'Onwards and Upwards' - A few have laid claim to this quote, but I take it from Ernest Shackleton, the epic and tragic explorer who when faced with some serious uncertainty on his ill-fated Antarctic Endurance Expedition still remained positive. I am a huge optimist and always look on the bright side of everything, there is no point not to!

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