Why We Should Wear SPF, All Year Round

SPF is important to apply daily, all year round, and should be a must-have in your beauty routine. The risk of skin damage by the sun is present all year, even in the Winter when we barely see any sunshine in the UK.

What is SPF, why is it important and why should we wear it everyday?

SPF, Sun Protection Factor, is a measure of how long the sunscreen will protect the skin against sunburn by utlraviolet light. With UV, there are two types of rays that can damage your skin and could lead to skin cancer: UVA and UVB.

UVA is what causes ageing in the skin, leading to wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. UVB is what causes sunburn which is the key reason you could develop skin cancer. UV rays are the biggest cause of skin ageing and sun damage, which is why it's so important we protect our skin. UV rays can penetrate through clouds and also glass, so not only do we need to protect our skin in the sunshine, we also need to on cloudy days.

SPF should be a must-have in your daily routine, and it can be worn underneath make up.

What's the difference between chemical and mineral SPF?

The difference between chemical and mineral are the ingredients used and the way they protect against UV rays.

Chemical sunscreen absorb and then dissipate the UV rays before they are able to damage our skin. Chemical sunscreen will protect most skin types but more sensitive skin can be more uncomfortable or find they have a reaction.

Mineral sunscreens acts as a mirror to bounce and reflect the rays off. They protect by staying on top of the skin and create a barrier to reflect the UV light. The minerals means your skin doesn't absorb the rays into the skin. Mineral sunscreen is much gentler and safer for those who are pregnant, who has sensitive or fair skin, or for young children.

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