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Finding a simple yet effective skincare regime to fit into a busy lifestyle might not sound like an easy feat, but trust us, it can be. As well as being easier on your skin, this approach is also kinder to the environment, by reducing the amount of consumption, packaging and, ultimately, waste. Guaranteed to give your complexion a speedy boost, Tri-Balm is the minimal-fuss solution for hydrated and dewy skin when you’re on the go, tight on time, or when your skin is in need of some TLC.

Formulae Prescott

We spoke to Formulae Prescott’s Founder & CEO, Pauline Prescott, about the benefits of opting for high-performance, multitasking products. Here, Pauline shares all the best ways to use the cult favourite Tri-Balm, the secret to healthy skin, and her top insider tips.

What are the benefits of adopting a more stripped-back and simple skincare routine?

Today’s customer desires high-performance ‘clean’ skincare formulations which deliver a luxury experience, ingredient benefits, texture and fragrance. They no longer have to choose one or the other.

Dispelling marketing trends for layering, and overcomplicated product education, FP delivers non-complex, multitasking 3-in1 products that result in less waste, more space and saved time. Effective skincare made simple, helping to achieve better skin in fewer steps.

While the approach is simple, our scientific research, ingredient discoveries, and twist-up stick packaging positions us as an innovative leader within the emerging category of ‘smart skincare’.

FP actively seeks to reduce waste and conserve water supplies while sourcing the most sustainable solutions across every touch point. Enhancing efficacy and efficiency the ‘skinimalism’ approach will streamline routines with hybrid products blurring the lines between categories and reducing the need for multiple products.

What does an effective but streamlined skincare routine look like in the AM and PM?

The secret to healthy and radiant skin is making sure you use a brightening and nourishing cleanser, both morning and night. Tri-Balm essentially acts as food for the skin, promoting health and wellness as well as skincare benefits.

Formula Prescott

Is Tri-Balm suitable for all skin types, and is there anything else you can do to make it work better for you?

Yes, the gentle formula is suitable for all skin types, and our range is gender neutral. Tri-Balm can be effectively applied on sensitive skin, menopausal skin and sufferers of rosacea and acne. Our products are natural and contain no harmful chemicals, parabens, silicones, synthetics or artificial fragrance, so irritation using a product like this shouldn’t happen/will be minimal.

You can never over exfoliate as Tri-Balm only exfoliates to a dermal level, so use as much as you feel your skin needs. It is designed to be used both morning and night and any time between if you need a refresh or top up of moisture. To use it we recommend running your fingers over the balm and applying it to the skin, before emulsifying with water or using a hot cloth to wipe away any remaining product. It can also be applied straight from the stick, but be careful not to use too much product this way! You can also add a little Tri-Balm to your foundation to give a nice dewy effect to your skin, as well as use it as a stand-alone moisturiser.

Tri-Balm is great to be used at high altitudes on clean skin to keep it moist and dewy. Note changes in weather and the introduction of heating and the elements can sometimes make our skin feel dry.

Are there any other ways you can use Tri Balm?

Absolutely! There are lots of great ways you can experiment with your Tri-Balm, but these are some of my favourites:

Moisturising Mask – Sweep straight onto clean skin and leave for 10 minutes before removing to intensely hydrate. Perfect when skin feels tight or dry and needs extra nourishment.

Shave – Apply directly onto dry skin before shaving. The smooth formulation helps the razor glide easily across the skin, leaving it feeling soft and calm with no irritation or redness.

Treatment – Give irritated, dry areas like elbows and knees much-needed moisturise without the mess. Simply roll the balm over any areas that need a little love and hydration. Smooth a little onto dry, cracked lips too. Use it on cuticles and dry hands to comfort and heal. Mix with foundation for a lovely hydrated and extra moisturised feel.

Formulae Prescott

What is your number one insider skincare tip?

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Moisturising your skin strengthens and protects it and is the first line of defence against ageing, dehydration, pollutants, and other stress factors. If you can use a cleanser which includes a moisturiser as well, why not do that? Moisturising is the cornerstone of healthy skin and it’s why we integrate it with the cleansing and exfoliating process in Tri-Balm.

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