Meet Angela Caglia: Celebrity Facialist & Master Esthetician

Angela Caglia created her clean clinical skincare line in response to the reactive skin and disrupted lipid barriers she was seeing with her A-list clientele. Her collection of decadent natural products and innovative tools were designed to strengthen the lipid barrier through a simplified results-driven regimen, yet every product is a luxurious ritual.

Tell us about your background. What was the journey that led you to create a luxury skincare brand?

I’ve been an Esthetician for over 2 decades. My desire to start my own after giving my client Barbra Streisand a facial at her home in Malibu. She asked during her two hour facial what my dream was. She was so empowering that I left looking for a natural and organic lab. Which wasn’t easy to find 9 years ago. Once I found the lab I never looked back. I officially launched the line in late October of 2017.

How has the brand evolved over time?

The brand’s concept has always been the same. I was one of the first lines to launch with a rose quartz roller over 3 years ago with my skincare line. My philosophy is to protect our microbiome and use the best plant based ingredients sourced from all over the world. I have a hero proprietary complex in every product that soothes, nourishes and plumps the lipid-barrier. People are overwhelmed with options and I want to make it simple for them. The luxury crystal tools calm inflammation and create a facial experience at home with the skincare.

Where did your love and interest in skincare come from?

My love of skincare comes from growing up on my grandfather pops’ fruit ranch. I was always creating skincare masks as a young girl with his peaches, apricots and nectarines. I loved mixing and applying them. Sometimes I would sleep in them and stain my pillow case. I later studied in Paris at the Sorbonne and fell in love with the way French women cared for their skin and discovered the facial.

What was the first product you launched?

I launched in 2017 with a 5 piece collection including a rose quartz roller. The first product I created was the Soufflé Moisturizer. It’s still my best seller. I’ll keep adding products in my pipeline to compliment it. It’s the hero.

What inspires you and motivates you?

What inspires and motivates me is my customer. Giving facials and caring for someone’s skin and or self-esteem I take seriously. I want to create the best products for women everywhere.

What does sustainability mean to you as a brand?

Sustainability means necessity. It’s our planet and we have to protect and care for it. My products are housed in recyclable black Violet glass. My boxes are FSC certified and made from recycled paper. We are also leaping bunny certified. I’m always looking for ways to improve. I’m hoping to do more with refillable packing in the near future. This will always be a part of our brand DNA.

At THE FIND you can find brands and products for all your home and beauty needs, with a particular focus on sustainability and being kind to our planet. What would be your top tip to help encourage others to live more sustainably?

My tip for others to live sustainability and being kind to our planet is to remember every little bit helps. From recycling, to wearing more vintage clothes to driving a hybrid... whatever you do makes an impact.

What are you most excited to work on over the next few months?

I’m most excited about launching new innovative products over the next few months. I can’t disclose what they are yet! Sorry. Stay tuned!

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is looking to set up their own company?

Be not afraid to fail. Know that there will be ups and downs and each day is a challenge. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s the most rewarding thing ever though every single day. I’m so grateful to have my own company.

When finding the perfect gift, what do you look for?

I look for something unique that the receiver wouldn’t think of buying for themselves. Something special and extra!

What are your LITTLE FINDs (Top 3 favourite products on our site)?

  1. Silk Eye Mask by Slip
  2. Orange Grove Deodorant Balm by Akt
  3. Morninga Cleansing Balm by Emma Hardie

Let’s have a little fun and FIND out about you...

  • Favourite TV series right now? Call My Agent
  • Last thing you cooked? Pesto Salmon Salad
  • Favourite Instagram account to follow? My 17 year old daughter’s art account. She’s an Artist and posts her work.
  • Best book recommendation? Renegade Beauty by Nadine Artemis
  • Perfect way to spend your weekend? In Monecito, CA. On the water Lehr my husband/business partner Rob relaxing
  • Best restaurant you’ve eaten at? La Grenouille in NYC
  • Country you’d love to visit? France. I’m such a francofile and have relatives there
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