Meet The Founder: Jena Covello of Agent Nateur


What was the inspiration behind the products in your skincare range?

Back in 2014 I had estrogen dominance and stage 4 endometriosis. My holistic doctors told me to avoid aluminium antiperspirant because it’s an estrogen disrupter. I looked everywhere for an effective, beautiful, luxury natural deodorant, but when I couldn't find one on the market I decided to create my own. I gave it to friends and they all asked me for more.

I named the brand Agent Nateur because I’ve been the Agent of Nature – giving all of my friends natural tips on healing their colds, flus and cramps and always sharing my supplements and doctors recommendation. I went to school in the south of France for cosmetics and fragrance, and I searched for non-toxic, science-backed anti-ageing actives that were considered safe by EU’s standards. Nearly all the anti-ageing actives we use are from Europe, and are backed by a wide range of clinical trials to demonstrate their effectiveness.

My mom was also a big inspiration. She used retinol from the time she was 20 years old and only uses the most effective products she can find. She taught me that you don’t need to have 50 different creams or serums and to only use what truly works. This is why I keep a tight collection that is multi-faceted and good for people who are 20 or 70.

What are the core values of Agent Nateur?

Staying true to myself and releasing formulas that I’m passionate about. Each formula is thoughtfully formulated and serves a purpose.

Lash & Brow Serum

What has been your proudest career moment so far?

The insane launch of holi (mane) and selling out of holi (bright), our glass face mask, at Violet Grey in hours. Also, seeing our collection at Neiman Marcus.

Do you have a favourite product in particular that you can’t live without?

My holi (bright) resurface glass face mask! Expert beauty insiders call holi (bright) “Botox in a jar” and they aren't wrong. This mask resurfaces your face in a deeply hydrating, calming, and soothing manner and just gives you this glow that I really don't think you can get elsewhere. That's because of the unique combination of aloe vera, french silk peptides, pitaya, hyaluronic acid, cucumber, and vitamin c. It instantly calms any redness and also minimizes my pores while tightening, soothing and smoothing my skin at the same time. It works wonders on ageing skin and is suitable even if you have the most sensitive skin.

Also, holi (locks) strengthening, detangling, anti-hair fall serum! I am obsessed with holi (locks) - it is the best hair treatment I’ve EVER used. It is a scalp hair growth serum but I love to use it from scalp to ends and leave it on for a minimum one hour to sometimes overnight. I get the softest, smoothest, shiniest, and most detangled hair I ever had and the growth results are undeniable. Give yourself three months to see results.

Also, you must try our holi (water) pearl and rose hyaluronic essence. It truly transforms my skin instantly by plumping it up and smoothing it out.

Holi (locks) Strengthening Hair Growth Serum

What does an ideal skincare routine look like to you?

I believe the skin becomes immune over time, so at night I switch up my routine, but my morning routine has stayed the same since launching Agent Nateur.

I don’t wash my face consistently because I believe it can strip the skin and cause breakouts. Once in a while I’ll start with acid wash, otherwise I use the holi trinity every single day without fail. It’s a three step process consisting of a high molecular hyaluronic acid essence called holi (water). I buy my HA from Switzerland, always sourcing the best quality and most effective and expensive actives I can find. I never cut costs. It instantly plumps you my skin.

I mix it with my holi (c) powder, which has just two ingredients: a gentle, non-irritating vitamin c derogate which is known as an acne banisher and wrinkle reducer. The second ingredient is a French patented calcium that clinically lifts sagging skin by 27% after 30 days use and reinforces your skin to make its own hyaluronic acid. This combination is incredible for wrinkles, redness, acne and sun damage. I always put it on my neck and chest.

Then I use my face oil called holi (oil) along with my new moisturiser called holi (creme). The face oil targets redness and scars and gives the dewiest glow.

At nighttime I use holi (cleanse) to remove my makeup, followed by my lactic acid face wash, which gently polishes and exfoliates. Lactic acid adds moisture to your skin and doesn’t dry it out. Three nights a week I alternate between a French prescription retinol, using nothing and other nights using one of my favourite products called holi (bright) which is an anti-aging resurfacing mask that literally has taken the place of retinol for me in many ways. It is strong and effective and created glass-like skin. It’s our number one seller. It instantly calms my skin and takes away redness. Some nights I leave it on all night and rinse in the am. I also get PRP microneedling and derma planing facials.

Finally, do you have any exciting new projects we can expect to see from Agent Nateur coming up in the near future?

Yes, supplements and a very new category for us that I can’t speak of – but keep an eye out for that!

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