Since 1994 John Masters Organics has established itself as one of the top clean beauty brands in the world. Starting his career in New York City's elite hair styling scene John Masters was among the first to recognise that harnessing the power of nature for beauty and hair care products was the best way to treat both our bodies and the planet kindly.
We were thrilled to be able to talk to the master behind John Masters Organics himself about what brings him happiness in both his personal and professional life.

What’s your biggest challenge as a brand?
To keep up with trends. All of our products are
minimum 70% organic so it’s a long process for us to create “trendy” products which meet expectations, but yet are organic.

Tell us your favourite quote / mantra or best piece of advice:
Don’t forget to enjoy your work, if you stop enjoying it, it’s time for a change.

Tell us your proudest moment as a business.
I have a few small ones but still waiting for “the one”.

Tell us your favourite product on THE FIND.
Natural Toothtablets by Georganics – great for traveling and long days in the office.

Who is your hero?
Me :)

What’s your biggest extravagance?
Shoes! Can’t resist

Which three items do you never travel without?
Good moisturiser, sleeping mask, big scarves I use them to keep me warm, to accessorise...and to cover coffee stains on my shirt.

What’s your favourite place to hideaway?
My sofa with a good DVD or book. In the Summer, South of France. I feel pretty relaxed there.

Let’s FIND Out About You
Wellies or Flip-Flops - Flip-flops
Bubble Bath or Hot Shower - Bath
Spring Summer Autumn or Winter - Spring
Cinema or Theatre - Theatre
Paperback or Kindle - Paperback every time
Yoga or Run - Walk
Pressed Juice or Cocktail - Green tea
Serums or Oils - Serum

Discover John Masters Organics hair care range
here and make every day a good hair day

John Masters Organics

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