Meet Kathryn Danzey: Founder of Rejuvenated


Rejuvenated is a British nutraceutical and award-winning family run brand specialising in multi-tasking, ‘beauty from within’ supplements, designed to boost your body from top to toe. Rejuvenated was founded in 2003, by health and wellness expert Kathryn Danzey, who brought together world-leading scientists and nutritionists to formulate a capsule collection of highly-effective and innovative products, featuring high-grade and 100% active natural ingredients.

At Rejuvenated, their mission is to create products that are: ‘Free from’ without compromise using 100% active and natural ingredients, formulated to promote inner health and outer beauty whilst delivering long term benefits.

We chatted to Kathryn about her journey with Rejuvenated, what's she's excited to work on and her advice for anyone thinking about starting their own company.

Tell us about you and your background. How was Rejuvenated created?

I find it hard to believe that I’ve worked in the health and beauty industry for 45 years now. It’s changed incredibly over the years. When I first started training, it was very different to today; just cold cream facials and massages. I’ve loved seeing how the industry has evolved and developed. I have worked and trained in aesthetic treatments for many years.

We always included nutrition within our treatments. It seems so obvious that what we eat has a huge impact on our skin and of course our overall health. We first started working on the concept of ‘beauty from within’ over 25 years ago. At that time, most people were not concerned about their diet and a collagen drink to make you look younger was the perfect way to introduce customers to the concept of nutritional supplements. We created the first high potency collagen drink over a decade ago. That drink is Collagen Shots® and we’re thrilled that it’s still winning awards year after year.

How has Rejuvenated evolved over time?

When we first started Rejuvenated, our vision was to have a range that could be simply introduced into our customers lifestyle to help them look and feel more youthful. We had no idea that the Rejuvenated brand would grow to have customers all around the world. The really wonderful thing is that we have grown mostly by recommendation.

All ingredients used in Rejuvenated products are 100% natural, traceable and ethically sourced - which is amazing! Why is it important to you to offer products that are of a high standard?

Our products have to include the best ingredients. I personally wouldn’t want to take anything else and we couldn’t sell products to our customers that we really didn’t believe in. We’re delighted to be phasing in compostable pouches for 5 more products at the beginning of 2021.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a brand?

Being able to let go. As a family business you feel that you can do everything but there comes a time when you need to grow your team.

Throughout your life and career, what have you worked on or achieved that you are most proud of?

No doubt about it, our children. We each have two children from previous marriages and a son together. They are individually so very different yet have a tremendous love for each other. I’m filled with pride when I look at them.

What inspires you?

Reading our customers feedback. It’s so lovely to hear that a customer’s skin has calmed down, they don’t get the same aches that they used to, or they have more energy now.

THE FIND is the home of conscious brands. What does ‘conscious’ mean to you?

Being more aware of the choices we make to create a better world for everyone. Creating a life that you consciously want rather than drifting along and leaving a world that isn’t fit for future generations.

In what ways do you practice conscious living yourself?

I start the day walking our dog across the moors with Rob, my husband and co-founder of Rejuvenated. Although we work together all day, this is the time that we get to chat about everything from family, friends and of course, work.

Being a creative, ideas constantly run around my head, so meditation is key in helping me to switch off a little. I’m not doing as much yoga as I’d like to at the moment, but I still fit it in at least a couple of times a week.

What 3 top tips would you give to help encourage others to live more sustainably and more mindfully?

  1. Get out in the open and breathe.
  2. Try to reduce your waste.
  3. Do you really need new clothes every season?

What are you most excited to work on over the next few months?

We have recently created a personalised supplement online consultation which I absolutely love. It helps to guide our customers on making the best choices for their health and wellbeing.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is looking to set up their own company?

Plan, plan, plan and be brutally honest with yourself. Check out your local business community; there are a lot of start-up grants available and support including business advisers. In Sheffield we are incredibly fortunate to have received a lot of support. For example, we receive a complimentary monthly meeting with a growth consultant. I find that it’s so beneficial to have an outsiders’ input, they can open your eyes to things that you might have otherwise totally overlooked.

What is your LITTLE FIND?

The Avocado Sock; to be able to produce a perfectly ripe avocado in one to two days is pure genius.

Let’s have a little fun and FIND out about you...

  • Favourite TV series right now? I tend to watch films rather than a series. My favourite film is Hidden Figures.
  • Last thing you cooked? Last night for dinner; baked cod in tomato and pepper sauce with broccoli and brown rice.
  • Favourite Instagram account to follow? @labelsforlunch
  • Best book recommendation? White Swans by Jung Chang
  • Perfect way to spend your weekend? Family BBQ.
  • Best restaurant you’ve eaten at? I love Raymond Blanc so would say Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons.
  • Country you’d love to visit? Cambodia.
  • Describe your ‘happy place’. Gardening.
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