Meet Pip Summerville: Founder of Tonik


Pip Summerville knows very well the benefits that a complementary approach can have on balancing one's health. Now, through her no-fluff supplements brand Tonik, she's helping others experience those benefits too.
Hear how this rising star took all your favourite superfoods and boiled them into convenient capsules you can take anywhere.

Describe Tonik in one sentence?

A convenient way to get all the benefits of natural ingredients without any taste or smell.

What was the catalyst for starting Tonik?

I was travelling to a remote island in Indonesia for work and a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar broke in my suitcase, it went all through my clothes and camera equipment. I thought, there has to be an easier way to get the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar without the hassle and revolting taste ( I couldn't stand the taste but swore by the benefits). I selfishly wanted an easier way to get the benefits but I couldn't find anything available, so I formulated a liquid-filled capsule.

What sets you apart from other supplement brands?

Simplicity, single ingredient formulations. We are fun. We have liquid-filled capsules to provide faster absorption, while most other vitamins/supplements are powder-filled capsules or powders which need to be mixed with water for consumption. Our capsules are convenient, easy to swallow and can be taken anywhere.

If everyone on the planet started using your brand tomorrow, how would the world be a better place?

Everyone would benefit from natural ingredients and in most cases be able to maximize on natural remedies as opposed to synthetic medicines. Our philosophy is that a complementary approach can often lead to better results, preferring a pro-active ethos, rather than a reactive one. There are times when traditional medication may be very necessary to treat or control a health condition, but more often, a natural approach can lessen potential side effects, or in some cases lead to a gradual reduction in the need for prescription medication.

Describe Tonik's mission in one sentence?

To simplify supplementation by providing the benefits from natural ingredients in a very convenient and fun way.

What steps have you taken to curb your own consumer behaviour?

Market research and minimising packaging where possible. We ship with carbon-neutral freight companies and package all products in recycle packaging.

What is your biggest environmental pet peeve?

Not recycling for sure, it is so easy to do if you have the right forethought. It is just as easy to recycle as it is to throw things in the rubbish but the benefits of recycling of course are so much better for the environment.

What is your best ‘little find’?

I found this natural homeopathic for newborns which claims to soothe and help sleep. I can confirm it works and it is a lifesaver!

What is your proudest moment as a business?

Tonik launching in Sephora just earlier this month. A huge moment for the brand.

Discover the Tonik range here.

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