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Who is Estelle or Stelouche Babouche?

Estelle is a french girl living in London. She is a personal stylist and fashion blogger/Instagrammer whose unique style has gained her a significant following on social media.

Estelle’s blog, Pinterest and Instagram are a source of inspiration to fashionistas around the world, where she mixes high street brands with some of her favourite high end designers to achieve a beautiful, easy day-to-day look.
A regular at Fashion Week and other events around the world, Estelle is quickly becoming the fashion guru you need to know.

Stelouche Babouche blog post on THE FIND

In her most recent blog she wrote about her Valentines's Date Night routine with THE FIND. Read about her favourit products on THE FIND:

You've been following me for a few years and you know I am travelling quiet a lot, I always have the same issue when packing especially when it comes to fly for a city break of only two days.
Of course, I always pack my favourite outfits but when it comes to beauty essentials I always need to transfer my favourites in small bottles that always leak in my carry bag and ruins all my clothes! You know what I am talking about right?
Most of the time the products that hotel are offering are not good for my hair and skin and I feel very ugly and end up running to a pharmacy buying my products that I leave at the hotel because it's too big to carry!
Thankfully, I discovered THE FIND which offers all my beauty essentials in travel size and I can insure you this is life saving.
Stelouche Babouche blog post for on little find
This week end I was in Paris for only 48 hours and needed all my products from shampoo to micellar water to detox mask, I NEED EVERYTHING with me!

So when I heard about THE FIND, I decided to order my favourite products in mini size:

  • A vegetable fibre face sponge, THE Koran beauty essential from The Konjac Sponge Company
  • A Detox Mask from Skin&Tonic London
  • A rose mist from Skin&Tonic London
  • A rose Lip Balm from Skin&Tonic London
  • A mini beauty case that contains everything to hydrate and nourish your skin and more from Aromatherapy Associates
This is also the perfect gift for your boyfriend as Valentine's Day is around the corner and I realise men's ( or maybe only my fiance ...) are more and more interested in what is good for their skin, click HERE to see THE FIND'S Valentines Selection for Him (and Her) and get you lover some great skin products.
Stelouche Babouche I blog post I THE FIND

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