MEET THE FIND: Nancy & Eileen of Cucumber Clothing On Keeping Cool At Night

Nancy Zeffman and Eileen Willett are the founders of Cucumber Clothing.

Nancy Zeffman and Eileen Willett| CUCUMBER CLOTHING | THE FIND

'Cucumber' was born when we put our heads together and realised that getting hot and sweaty is probably the last taboo. We both knew so many women who were struggling because of their interrupted nights, poor sleep and uncomfortable sweaty days, so we created a fabulous luxe nightwear/leisurewear collection. Our intelligent cutting edge fabrics help women feel great on the inside and look great on the outside.'


We need sleep to refresh ourselves, to reorganize our thoughts and memories, to repair our bodies and to rest our cardiovascular system – but how to do it when the thermometer is going through the roof?

  • Make your bedroom a sleep paradise. Keep your bedroom as cool as possible, about 18ºC. Turn off all lights and get rid of any electronic buzzing or beeping flashing gadgets. Keep it nice and quiet, closing shutters or curtains, and turning off ticking clocks or any other noise-generating items.
  • Relax - Keep to a regular bedtime routine and try to incorporate a relaxation or meditation practice. This can be as simple as having a soothing bath with delicious sleep inducing oils and a cool compress over the eyes, or a few minutes of quiet chanting or calming yoga stretches. Whatever feels good for you!
  • Cucumber - Keep sweat away from your body. This can be as basic as throwing off the bed sheets, but we recommend wearing Cucumber’s moisture-wicking nightwear and loungewear These won’t stop the hot flushes, but will wick any sweat up and away from the body at speed, killing off any odour-creating bacteria at the same time. No more pools of sweat or soaking sheets. They are wash and wear. Just hang to dry (very quick – thanks to its moisture-wicking properties). No iron, no fuss.


Use multi-tasking everything! We love products that can do double and triple time and save precious space in your bag(s). Try a suncream that doubles as a moisturiser, a body oil that works as a hair and face oil or some of our Cucumber range that works from poolside, to dinner under the stars and straight into bed. Sorted!


Nancy Zeffman and Eileen Willett| CUCUMBER CLOTHING | THE FIND

OSKIA Restoration Oil £15.00 - We love this gorgeous lightweight oil – perfect multitasker for anyone’s travel bag and full of yummy things like starflower and heart seed vine.


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