Our Little Finds 14.01.20

Covering our latest finds from delectable food to must-visit destinations, the THE FIND team is always on the look out for new and exciting things our FINDERS will love.

Gohenry is on a mission to help your kids be good with money in a safe space.
With tasks, savings goals and other features that encourage good money habits, that will carry through to adulthood. After all, doing is the best way to learn as is the occasional mistake!


On the road again? Play less games of eye spy and listen to the WOW in the world podcast. Bringing you the most incredible kid-friendly news stories of the week. Which means you won't need all the answers for once.


Little ones asleep? Rustle up this decadent chocolate and rum liqueur in just 30 mins then sit back, relax and hope they don’t wake up before you finish the bottle...


Head down to The Imagination Station at the V&A and get little ones working with engineers in this multi-dimensional activity to design new ways for us to travel!

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