Our Little Finds 23.01.20

Covering our latest finds from delectable food to must-visit destinations, the THE FIND team is always on the look out for new and exciting things our Finders will love.


Teaching from home is going to require a different approach, Google have created a temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers and students during this time. You'll be able to do everything from create virtual classrooms to even attending 'class' via video calls and book in for 1:1 time. You can find more information here.


The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, is holding live P.E. lessons for kids of all ages, every Monday to Friday at 9am GMT on his YouTube channel. Parents are going to be under pressure next week and for 30 minutes a day Joe can take over and inspire and energise your kids to get active, bounce around and have fun. Not to mention 30 minutes of respite for you!


It can be difficult to transition from work to 'home' when you're not moving anywhere but do take the time to switch over. Enjoy some 'you' time as author Oliver Jeffers reads one of his books a day, talking about some of the things he learnt and what went into making it. Head over to his Instagram Live Story at 6pm GMT / 1pm EST / 11am PST each day to listen in. Each one will stay live for 24 hours.


'My daughter asked whether she could include her favourite recipe in this week's email, a delicious Raspberry Swiss Roll recipe, and I thought that is a great idea. It's easy to make with children, and the result is SO tasty!'


Raspberry Swiss Roll Recipe
3x Large Eggs
125g Caster Sugar
125g Plain Flour
1x Tablespoon of Water
2x Tablespoons of Caster Sugar
150g Fresh Raspberries
2x Tablespoons of Raspberry Jam

1. Heat the oven to 200 0 C, 400 0 F or gas mark 6. Grease and line the tin with non-stick baking sheets
2. Break the eggs into a big bowl. Add the sugar. Beat until the mixture is pale and thick like mayonnaise. (It’s easiest to do this with a electric hand mixer).
3. Sift over half the flour, then gently fold it in, using a big metal spoon. Sift over the rest of the flour, add the water and fold everything together again.
4. Pour the mixture into the prepared tray. Push it into the corners and smooth the top with the back of a spoon. Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until pale golden and springy.
5. Cut a piece of baking parchment slightly bigger than the tray. Lay it out and scatter the caster sugar over it. Run a knife around the edges of the tin to loosen.
6. Wearing over gloves, turn the cake onto the parchment. Peel the old parchment carefully off. Roll up the cake from the short end to form a roll (the parchment will be on the inside). Leave to cool completely.
7. For the filling, put the raspberries in a bowl. Using a fork or potato masher to gently mash the berries. Mix into the jam.
8. When the biscuit is completely cool, carefully unroll it. Spread the filling, then roll it up again, without the parchment.
9. Dust with a bit of powdered sugar and enjoy.

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