Summer Skincare With Hayo'u

Summer Skincare with hayo'u

When we think of summer skincare, it's often synonymous with trying to achieve a natural glow. Pare back on harsh products, keep your SPF topped up, and crucially, look to your gua sha to give you a firmer, smoother complexion and help you harness the energy you need to feel more balanced.

Whether you want to soothe, calm or nourish the skin, or want a crystal to relieve the symptoms of sunburn or mosquito bites, Hayo'u has the perfect tool for every need...

Discover Your Summer Glow

After a winter behind closed doors, our skin can become dull and lifeless. This is where gua sha and rose quartz come in. According to Chinese medicine, summer is known as the season of fire and is a time that is innately linked to the heart. Rose Quartz specifically aligns to fire and is associated the world over with unconditional love and being the crystal to support heart energy. Because of this, it is the perfect crystal to use during the hot summer months.

In Chinese medicine, rose quartz is believed to tonify the heart qi, which makes it the ideal skincare choice. A strong heart helps to maintain healthy blood flow and circulation, which ensures that the skin gets all the nourishment it needs. The heart also helps to regulate sleep, and we all know that our skin looks better after a good night’s sleep. But that’s not all. One of the magical benefits of rose quartz is its cooling properties – especially if you keep it in the fridge – making it the perfect solution for heat rash, insect bites and stings, sunburn, and sensitive or reactive skin.

Soothe and Refresh

The award-winning Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer and Precision gua sha tools are the skincare choice for fire season. Even if the typical British summer doesn't always mean scorching heat, these crystals have an array of health benefits to give you a glow from within.

Rose quartz is also linked to positive emotion in Chinese wisdom, so not only does it boost the circulation and help nourish the skin, but it makes us feel good too. Use as part of your daily gua sha routine, especially in the mornings when it is believed to enhance the natural energy patterns of the day.

But the beauty of the rose quartz crystal is that it does so much more: think of it as your skincare First Aid Kit. Keep your tools in the fridge and you can use them for numerous summer niggles. Sore runny eyes from hay fever? Hold the cold Beauty Restorer over your eyes to cool the affected area. The same goes for insect stings and mosquito bites (the Precision is perfect for targeting smaller areas). If you find yourself breaking out in spots (sun cream and sweat can block the pores), soothe in the same way. Press and gently stroke over any heat rash or sunburn to calm the prickling heat and cool the skin.

De-Stress and Cool

The Clear Quartz Beauty Restorer or the Clear Quartz Compress are the perfect choice to use on the skin in the evening when it might feel tight and flushed after a day in the sun.

Known as the ‘Master Healer’ of gua sha, clear quartz will calm tired and stressed skin in just one minute. According to Chinese medicine, clear quartz removes heat from the body (created from the stresses of the day), calms the mind and improves energy flow. Use this gentle yet powerful tools when you skin needs a little TLC at bedtime.

If you suffer from any puffiness, the Clear Quartz Compress is sure to be your new favourite tool. Relaxing tight muscles and rebalancing the skin, simply press and stroke across the affected areas and you'll find it instantly soothed.

So, whether you’re staying at home or hitting the beach this summer, with Hayo'u you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

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