Sweet & Savoury Pancake Day Recipes

Whether you’re after a savoury dinner dish or a fun recipe to make with the kids, we've rounded up three of our favourite Pancake Day recipes that are guaranteed to delight.
Jamie Oliver

Gluten-free One-Cup Pancakes

CREDIT: Jamie Oliver
These super simple pancakes are beautifully fluffy and versatile. Made with gluten-free self-raising flour, they're a great choice even if you're not intolerant as this can help with digestion. Top them with whatever you fancy – but we love them with some yoghurt, almonds, compote and a drizzle of honey.
Pancake Day recipes

Leek and Chilli Pancakes Recipe

CREDIT: Tesco Real Food
If you're looking for a savoury dish to have for dinner tonight – this sweet and slightly spicy recipe is a healthy option that's quick and dairy-free. Foran Asian-inspired dipping sauce, mix together chilli, soya sauce, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and sugar to give the dish some added depth.
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