Top 5 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules

Is there anything Apple Cider Vinegar can't do? It's like the all-natural jack of all trades, stepping in as a deodorant, digestive aid, even a facial toner.
Its only downside? That taste!
Luckily, for we ACV fans, brands like Tonik are distilling this miracle ingredient into a simple capsule format. And the health benefits are plentiful...

1. Kills Bacteria and Boosts Immunity

The acetic acid found in ACV is very high in antibacterial properties which help to kill off any nasty pathogens lurking in the body. If left unchecked, these bad bacterium can heighten your risk of certain health problems including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

2. Lowers Blood Sugar

Multiple studies have shown that taking ACV after big meals can improve insulin sensitivity by up to 34% and reduce blood sugar. Given its ability to help regulate insulin and blood sugar, ACV is often recommended as an aid for anyone suffering with diabetes.

3. Detoxes The Body

ACV plays a unique role in breaking up mucus in the body and flushing out lymph nodes. Together, these processes help to eradicate toxins and improve circulation.

4. Maintains Gut Health

ACV contains acetic acid which supports the digestive process and aids nutrient absorption - two important precursors to maintaining a healthy gut.

5. Aids Weight Loss

There have been numerous studies on the impact of AVC consumption on weight management, which most finding that ACV helps lead to a feeling of fullness which in turn, results in lower calorie consumption. There is also a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that ACV plays a powerful role in curbing sugar cravings.

Get that ACV glow! On the outside, and the inside with Tonik's Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules

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