The wellness brand created out of love and an intention to share wisdom that would inspire

Mauli is a celebration of love, nature, tradition and all that makes life meaningful and worth honouring created by husband and wife team, Anita and Bittu Kaushal. A sacred red thread known as 'mauli' forms an integral part of India's blessing rituals. It is given to friends and family as a symbol of protection, connection and wellbeing.

Their intention is to offer exceptional products created with your wellbeing in mind, they put passion and purpose behind every element selected and every person involved in the process, by seeking out the finest methods and ingredients formulated in consultation with Ayurvedic practitioners.

With a strong belief in our connectedness, Mauli donate £1.00 from every product you purchase directly to causes that enrich the lives of children. In this way, we come together to create beauty in more ways than one, because life's gifts are for sharing and we are all connected.

We sit down and take some time out with Mauli co-founder Annita Kaushal.

Tell us about your brand and how you came about?

"Bittu and I were working in skincare distribution and brand development, respectively. We came to a point in our lives when we felt compelled to create a brand inspired by our heritage and the rich philosophy of Ayurveda.

The foundations of Ayurveda respects the interconnectedness of all things. When we look at ‘skincare’, we see that pure oils and massage are a vital part of wellbeing, but certainly not a ‘fix all’. To be truly vibrant, one must also consider meditation, nutrition, breathing, yoga, community, service.

Our brand is inspired by Ayurveda and is crafted in England using the finest actives and therapeutic oils to benefit mind, body and soul."

What’s your biggest challenge as a brand?

"This brand was created out of love and an intention to share wisdom that would inspire individuals to make better choices for their wellbeing, while delivering exceptional products and raising £1m for charity. The biggest challenge is guarding our core values and marrying these with commercial successes.

Tell us your favourite quote, mantra or best piece of advice

"You are responsible for your energy and emotions – be aware of what you’re giving and you’ll know it by what you’re getting."

Tell us your proudest moment as a business

"I see Mauli Rituals as a baby and our duty to nurture the brand with love, intention and an unwavering devotion to delivering exceptional products. As with any baby and now growing child, I am proud of every milestone, but am conscious of being attached to one. I am really proud of our little team as each one is passionate about growing and sharing their own wisdom and viewpoints."

Who is your hero?

"Every single person is a hero to me. I often sit in restaurants or on public transport and notice that no matter what façade people may show, they have doubtless all been through darker days and in that time, they have demonstrated strength, so they are all heroes. Also, I admire people who are present to whatever they are doing. If I have to choose one person, I’d say my husband Bittu, as he lives in the present and with compassion for all and attachment to none."

What is your favourite discovery from THE FIND?

F: "Your curated selection is so compelling as everything on the site has a purpose. I need the food wraps you have."

What three things could you not live without?

"Beyond the basics of love, shelter, food, sleep….i’d say iPhone, a comfy bed and a sane mind."

What time does your day start and how do you start it?

"My day starts at 6.30. It begins with mentally giving gratitude, a shower, massage….then I head to the kitchen to grab a cup of warm water with lemon and then go up to the top floor of our house, where I have a little meditation room. I’ll meditation for 20 minutes and follow with intentions for the day, read an uplifting book and then down to the kitchen to be with my son before he heads to school. While my son has is breakfast, I’ll prepare lunch and then walk to the office with our dog Star."

What is your 'LITTLE FIND'?

"A shop in Ealing Road that sells fresh garlands of jasmine."

Where are you off to on holiday this year?

"I’m just about to head to India on a work trip, but no matter how hectic, it feels part holiday as I return inspired. We’ll also be heading to Canada, France and a few city mini-breaks in Europe."

What's the most stressful part of your day?

All of it, if I’m feeling anxious because I’ve neglected my health and none of it, when I’m balanced. It truly is down to how I’m feeling, rather than the situation. I am lucky to work with such a brilliant team, that there is no cause of stress.

Now, let’s have a little fun and FIND out about you...

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      • Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter
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      • Paperback or Kindle
      • Yoga or Run - Both
      • Pressed Juice or Cocktail
      • Serums or Oils

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