8 Tips On How To Reduce Waste This Christmas

This time of the year we can fall into the trap of spending more than we need to and producing a lot of extra waste. We've pulled together our top tips on how to be more mindful this Christmas, limit our landfill contributions and still celebrate in style.

1. Use recyclable wrapping paper or materials you already have.

There are lots of ways to wrap and decorate your presents so they look festive and fun under the tree. Why not use paper or newspaper that you can find around the house and use colourful string or ribbon to make them bright and bold. Encourage friends and family to save and reuse the ribbon for next year.

Top tip: save packing paper inside the parcels from your online orders, and use to wrap up your gifts.

2. Or ditch the paper all together!

Save paper and use gift bags which are then easy to reuse every year. Create your own labels to make them personalised and special.

3. Instead of going to choose a real Christmas tree this year, invest in an artificial Christmas tree that you can use every year.

Over time it will be better value for money and much better for the environment to reuse the same artificial Christmas tree each year. If the smell of a real tree is what you love the most, light a scented candle to fill the room with your favourite smells.

Top tip: try Björk & Berries White Forest Scented Candle, inspired by the Swedish woods giving an aromatic and woody scent.

4. Alternatively, get a living Christmas tree with roots.

This way you can enjoy a real Christmas tree that will keep growing each year and you could eventually plant in the garden.

5. Shop second hand or from brands committed to sustainability.

In 2018, fashion shoppers spent about £3.5bn on Christmas party clothing, and a big percentage will only wear those items once. Shopping second hand online or in charity shops will also give preloved items a new life.

There are so many brilliant brands offering a more sustainable option for your Christmas needs. Whether you're shopping for food, clothes, presents or decorations, you'll be able to find a brand who will help you shop as responsibly and sustainably as possible.

Top tip: before you buy a new Christmas outfit, think about wearing something that you already own.

6. Only buy and cook what you will eat.

Every Christmas, families in the UK produce 30% more food waste than the rest of the year. Being realistic about what food will be eaten and not wasted will help to keep the percentage of waste down. Experiment with your leftovers by creating new recipes and freezing food to eat at a later date.

Top tip: write a list before going food shopping (and check it twice) to stop you adding things that you don't really need.

7. Try and buy gifts you know the person wants.

As much as we all love to give and receive presents, every year there are always a huge number of unwanted gifts. Try to avoid this by asking upfront for a list or use a gift voucher where possible. Browse our Christmas collection to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Top tip: if you receive a gift you don't want or won't use, donate to charity or to a friend instead of throwing it away.

8. Use recyclable Christmas cards, send an e-card or make your own.

There are lots of ways to get creative when sending out your Christmas cards. We love to wish people well and share news, and now we have more options than ever to do so in a planet friendly way.

Top tip: with any non-recyclable Christmas cards, why not chop them up and create labels for next year.

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