Want to know what sexual wellness founders get asked?

In a chat over lunch, Farah Kabir was telling Sarah Welsh about how she had just been ‘caught’ buying condoms by her boss. It got them thinking that everything about condoms is wrong – overtly masculine, garish and with cringey names. Together, they launched HANX, gynaecologist approved products with women in mind.

Along side their range of condoms and lubricants they've designed for women to take control of their sexual health, they host some amazing live events and have a plethora of content on their website exploring the topic of sexual wellness. So, as you can imagine the team at THE FIND HQ got in touch with co-founder Farah because we were dying to know - what are the questions you always get asked?

"We are always without a shadow of a doubt ask at an event or when we speak to someone personally “What are your tips for orgasming?” I don’t know it that’s too x-rated but genuinely that is what we get asked the most!"

"I always get asked "How did you break it to your parents (my Bangladeshi, muslim parents) that you were going from investment banking to condoms?"

Well, we have to know now. How did you break it?

"Oh god, it was over Christmas dinner, and I had told my mum a while back but when I told them all, everyone was there including my brothers. My family are quite entrepreneurial and they are always asking "What’s your next idea?" So when I finally had an idea, I was like "Oh well actually I do have and idea… condoms." My brothers just looked at me in shock, my mum went into the kitchen and started to continue cooking, then when I explained it a bit more in the sense of we’re empowering women to take care of their own health and doing something that hasn’t been done in the sexual health space, they got it. We never really spoke about sex or things like that so it was always going to ben an awkward one but yeah, they’re supportive!"

"Another one we get asked is "You say they’re biodegradable so how good do they actually work?" As you can imagine people are concerned over the efficacy but the answer is yes, they are a medical device and have been rigorously tested, we use the best grade materials and ingredients, but they have a slightly shorter shelf life so that they can be biodegradable." Well we guess that just means we'll have to use them up quicker ;-)

"We always get asked these two questions at events “If sexuality was on a spectrum, what is classed as "normal"?” and “How do you put on condoms in a sexy way?” The answer? Well, you’ll just have to wait for their next event to find out. Keep your eyes peeled on their event page for upcoming talks.

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