Why Your Skincare Routine Needs A Cleansing Balm

So cleansing balms aren't new to the beauty scene, however over the last few years everyone has been innovating their formulas which means we're now reaping the benefits. Let us reveal why your skincare routine needs one and our ultimate favourite...

1. You Won't Need A Second Cleanser

These type of cleansers are oil-based so begin to melt into the skin with our natural warmth, helping to dissolved make-up and the days pollutants meaning no vigorous scrubbing and irritation of the skin.

2. Most Skin Types Can Use Them

A balm cleanser is definitely an all in one product. It'll act as your make-up and cleanser, plus it's thick formula breaks down all traces of make-up and grime and encourages you to give your face and neck a good massage.

3. Perfect For Your Suitcase

Essentially spill-proof due to their thick formulation which means you can throw them into your luggage and not worry about leaks or the integrity of the product once you land.

4. You Don't Need Water

If you're not into your skincare (don't worry we know there are some of you out there!) or are time poor balms are your best option. The balm-to-oil texture means you massage it in and then it can be easily wiped away with a cloth or cotton pads and anything of the goodness leftover will only continue to enrich your skin as it soaks in. Of course, if you want to you can add a little water to emulsify and wash it all off.

5. They're Hydrating All Year Round

Their rich oily texture ensures that skin will be cleaned without leaving your skin dry. They help to keep the skins natural oil levels up and formulas are now including antioxidant, acids and vitamins which means you'll reap more benefits than ever before.

Our Favourite?

Well, we couldn't pick just one as our team is completely split down the middle on this topic! So here are our two favourites instead...

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm £47, this purifying botanical cleansing balm removes all traces of face and eye make-up, deeply cleanses the pores, as well as balancing, hydrating and moisturising all skin types. It also smells divine and comes with a double-sided cleansing cloth.

Frances Prescott Tri-Balm £46, this luxurious facial balm cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises in one simple step. Formulated by leading make-up artist, Frances Prescott, using the purest premium ingredients, Tri-Balm nourishes and nurtures skin to give an instantly glowing complexion.

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