Wimbledon Essentials 2019

Looking (and feeling) feeling fresh at Wimbledon sometimes is no mean feat. With unpredictable weather, bustling crowds and the uncertainty of how long that ladies toilet queue is going to take, it's no surprise that panic slowly creeps in and you wonder how you will get through the lengthy day. With the right products and tips you'll breeze through the day looking (and feeling) fresh, if not a little happier from all those Pimms!

COOLA SPF30 Make Up Setting Spray

It's unlikely that you'll be taking your entire make up bag, especially as you're only allowed to take in one smallish bag per person. Come rain or shine, SPF is always a must. Complete your favourite make up look at home and spritz on this Coola SPF30 Make Up Setting Spray. The weightless, matte-finish helps makeup stay put and delivers a quick hit of hydration and sun protection anytime you need it.

Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

This year's Wimbledon is set to stay hot, hot, hot and be prepared that your seat may well be in the direct line of the sun's fierce heat. Fanning yourself, cold water and a hat will do nothing to keep sweat at bay but Malin + Goetz have got the solution. Their natural deodorant with refreshing eucalyptus oil not only smells great but has odour-neutralising citronellyl for all day effectiveness, even better it comes in a miniature 28g tube for discreet top-ups throughout the day.

Dock & Bay Round Towel

With such little space available in your bag for food, drinks, make-up and all your other essentials, it's imperative that any extras you do take are worth their while. Pack a Round Dock & Bay Towel, it works perfectly as your picnic blanket in between matches plus its beautiful round design and striking colour means you'll not be missed amongst the many other picnic parties. This is England after all so the chances of you suddenly needing something to dry yourself off with is pretty high. Luckily being made from microfibre means they're super light weight and dry 3 times faster!

A few other items we'd take with us:

EQ EVOA Lip Stick SPF30

Prevents dryness of the lips and gives them lasting suppleness and softness in an area which burns far quicker than the rest of your skin.

Mrs.White's Unstung Hero

Another top product to take which doubles up as a natural insect repellant and a delicious lemon tea fragrance you can spritz all day long.

Black + Blum Water Bottle

If you're intake for the day isn't going to consist of purely of Pimms, take a reusable water bottle to keep hydrated, there are lot's of refill points, but also help save the planet as this year at Wimbledon they've not gone single use plastic free unlike Glastonbury which became the biggest event to date to ban single-use plastic bottles in a bid to cut the mountain of waste left behind each year.

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