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Minty Watermelon Cucumber Salad

This August bank holiday might not be the scorcher it was last year, but it’s still a great excuse for a late summer barbeque. Add this crunchy watermelon salad to your spread for a fresh and juicy crowd-pleaser that makes a nice change from a traditional Greek salad. Mix together cucumber, feta, watermelon, red onion, avocado, and plenty of mint and basil in a large bowl. Next, whisk together a simple dressing of olive oil, lime, lime zest, salt, and minced garlic – pour it on generously and give the salad a good toss. Season it with salt and add some fresh chill's if you like a kick of spice – it’s as simple as that! This is a dish best served fresh and because it’s so easy, you can put it together at the last minute when the rest of your food is nearly ready.


If In Doubt, Wash Your Hair: A Manual For Life by Anya Hindmarch

Fashion designer, mother of five, stepmother, entrepreneur, and renowned businesswoman: the genius that is Anya Hindmarch has gone and added yet another string to her bow and added author to her list of accomplishments. This busy schedule certainly can’t come easy, however. In this practical guide to managing the pressures of everyday life, Anya shares everything she has learned along the way – from quick fixes to honest observations about creativity and confidence. A warm and profound book, Anya shows us that if you find yourself a bit lost in the hectic details of the everyday, the answer might just be as simple as washing your hair.


The Emma Guns Show

"I talk to people who are smarter than me, so we can learn." Hosted by broadcaster Emma Gunavardhana, this podcast offers an accessible insight into everything from mental health to starting a business and managing your time. Speakign to experts who definitely have the credentials and know what they’re talking about, each episode has a unique focus. Whether you want to know about the latest beauty trends, meditation, sex, or pretty much anything else – it’s all here. It’s quickly become one of our new favorites!


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