Frankincense Double Wick Candle - 300g

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Bamford's home fragrances are inspired by english skies through the seasons and are made using 100% natural waxes and are fragranced with essential oils. The wicks are comprised of cotton and are lead-free.

The lidded glass vessels, moulded in the shape of Bamford's signature apothecary bottles, have been individually mouth-blown by artisans using traditional techniques. Each is beautifully unique. The delicate lid helps to preserve the fragrance when not in use and keeps the wax dust-free. A fragrant blend of frankincense, cardamom and wood smoke to create a subtle luxury in your home.

Fragrance notes:  frankincense, cardamom and wood smoke.


  • 100% natural waxes and essential oils
  • Cotton wicks and lead free

For best performance, always trim the wicks to 5mm before lighting and burn until wax pool covers the whole surface.  Burn for a maximum of 2 to 4 hours. Has a burn time of up to 65 hours.

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