Time is now the one thing we've got by the bucket load, which means your excuse for not completing that task you've been putting off for a year, well, that doesn't work anymore. Here's our list of 20 things you've never had the time to do before, as well as those tasks you don't want to do, but really should.
  1. Spring clean your home
  2. Pull out all your old clothes ready to take to the charity shop
  3. Take a virtual tour of some great museums
  4. Dust your plants - they'll thank you for it!
  5. Open up your cookbooks and make a that dish you've always wanted to
  6. Not keen on becoming a jogger? Enjoy some at home workouts instead
  7. Unsubscribe from all those emails you're not reading
  8. Learn a new language
  9. Research your house plants and (properly) learn how to take care of them
  10. Finally try a 10 step skincare routine
  11. Enjoying planning a holiday you'll take once this is over
  12. Take a course online on a subject you've always been interested in
  13. If they smell... it's time to give your pets a bath
  14. Make pasta from scratch. Everyone else is!
  15. Buy a voucher for your favourite local to use once they reopen
  16. Call family and friends, even those you'd usually text
  17. Read a book you never thought you would
  18. Learn a new word a day and up your scrabble game
  19. Stop doing your hair and give it time to repair, after all no ones looking
  20. Remember to check in on and show love your family and friends

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