MEET THE FIND: Vivian Fonseca - PT behind the Brazilian Method

Vivian is a personal trainer who specialises in functional training. She is the creator and founder of VFF (Vivian Functional Fitness) in Brazil and the UK.

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Vivian is also the creator of the amazing Brazilian Method, a killer gluteus workout featured in Tatler Magazing as the winner of the most effective workout for your bottom!

My passion is understanding the body, its physiology and metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. My study of these has culminated in several published works in medical and sport science journals.
My versatility in training attracts clients from different backgrounds, from high power executives to notable catwalk models and select group classes. My methodology focuses on giving clients, body balance, strength, mobility and co-ordination. I use Body Composition Testing to track and analyse clients progression and set personal goals. It is a bespoke workout plan.


  • It’s better to keep moving for 20 minutes (doing some 'out of breath' exercise) per day, rather than a single one hour session in the gym once a week. The body needs consistency. It's the best way to keep healthy. For people who want to start in a gym or studio, try to choose a place that is close to home or work and make a schedule where you're less likely to miss a class.
  • Your Outfit: choose one that is comfortable for you! A good sports bra and trainers are very important and they must be the correct size to prevent any injuries.


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I love candles! Ormonde Jayne is particular favourite of mine, her collection is amazing. After an intense workout, I come home and light a candle during my shower. It’s a relaxing way to recover my body and mind from the daily stresses.


"The body improves with discipline and consistency. 20 minutes a day is better than 1 hour per week. The more times you do it, the better you will be!"

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