Banishing Prickly Heat -The Best Organic Sun Tan Creams for Sun & Sea Lovers

Everyone loves to soak up some rays when enjoying the great outdoors, but for those who are prone to prickly heat, sun exposure can can cause an itchy, embarrassing flare-up. However there is a solution; use a UV organic sun tan cream.

What Causes Prickly Heat

There are two factors that can cause a flare-up of prickly heat:

Firstly, a reaction to the chemicals and synthetic wax contained in standard and water-resistant suntan creams. These creams block pores and stops the skin from being able to breathe or sweat.

The second is the false impression that slapping on a high factor cream without UVA protection a couple of times allows you to stay in the sun all day. Yes you may not turn red, but the amount of UVA radiation that your skin absorbs creates long lasting damage to your underlying skin cells whilst overheating to the top skin cells that sit above.

Best Ways to Avoid Prickly Heat

Our best advice is to:

  1. Stay clear of any creams that are not organic and don’t offer joint UVB and UVA protection
  2. Always begin your first liberal application of suntan cream 20 minutes before stepping outside
  3. Top up your protection on the hour with another application.
  4. Always reapply suntan cream immediately after swimming even if it is only a dip.

Best Organic Suntan Creams for Prickly Heat & Sensitive Skin

We value our precious marine life and it is this which more often than not makes a beach holiday so special. Each of our sun tan creams we recommend for prickly heat are oxybenzone free, meaning that they are friendly not only to you but also to marine life.

Green People

Award winning and scent free, Green People's scent free sun lotion is our preferred choice. Green tea, olive, avocado and rosemary extract help support the skin's immune system and protect against cell damage. UV filters include the naturally occurring mineral Titanium dioxide and Isoamyl p-methoxycinnamate, derived from Cinnamic acid found in Cinnamon Leaf.

EQ Love Water Resistant 30 SPF UVA

This French brand is beloved by surfers around the world and is famous for being nourishing and the first brand whose sunscreen was certified as non-toxic to coral reefs and the marine environment.

We love that they guarantee no nanoparticles (particles of such a small size that they may be able to go through the skin's barrier and infiltrate the blood system). The cream contains natural antioxidants and organic oils that include Nyamplung oil, shea butter, sunflower oil.

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